There are all kinds of tofu in

supermarkets and restaurants. With the word “bean curd”, people will feel that it is made of soybeans, or has something to do with soybeans. He Li, a researcher at the Institute of nutrition and health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that there were not many soybeans in some “tofu”.


almond bean curd. Almond bean curd is loved by many people. In addition to the taste of tofu, it also has the fragrance of almond. In fact, there is no soybean in almond tofu sold on the market. It is mainly made of almonds, sugar, fresh milk or cream. Although the protein content is similar to that of real tofu, the sugar content is higher. Patients with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should eat less.

Japanese tofu. This kind of bean curd has become a new favorite on the dining table due to its smooth taste and various practices. Look at its ingredients list, in fact, it is mainly composed of eggs, water and salt, without soybeans at all. Because of its high salt content, hypertensive people should eat less.


fish tofu. Fish bean curd is a “regular customer” in hot pot, spicy hot pot and spicy flavor pot. It has both the taste of fish and the taste of tofu. Although it is called “bean curd”, its ingredients are mainly fish pulp, starch, sugar, salt and oil, and soybean only accounts for a small part. If the source of fish pulp cannot be guaranteed, there may be a potential safety hazard.


thousand page tofu. This kind of tofu is made of soybean protein powder, cassava powder, salad oil and water as the main materials. The main ingredient of this kind of tofu is soybean protein isolate. In the process of separation, the bioactive components such as fat and phospholipid are removed. Some businesses in order to make the taste better, add a lot of oil and salt, although delicious or pay attention to the amount. (interviewed expert: He Li, researcher, Institute of nutrition and health, China Center for Disease Control and prevention),

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