is going to choose the star food of “both talent and beauty”, nuts must be on the list. It is rich in vitamin E, a variety of B vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, as well as a certain amount of protein and healthy fatty acids. However, not everyone can rest assured of the delicious taste, the following categories of people should be careful to eat nuts.

diarrhea. The rich dietary fiber and oil in nuts can play a role in moistening the intestines and defecation. Anyone with diarrhea symptoms and acute digestive tract infection symptoms should not eat nuts temporarily, otherwise it will aggravate the diarrhea symptoms.


. Nuts are made by baking, stir frying and other methods, and a large amount of salt and other seasonings will be added, which is easy to cause dry mouth and throat. In the presence of pharyngitis, oral ulcer and other symptoms of fire, should try to eat less or do not eat baked, fried, fried nuts. Consider eating raw nuts or eating cooked nuts.


children. As the nuts are large particles, it is not easy to chew them. Children may slip into the respiratory tract due to coughing and joking when eating, causing serious safety accidents. Therefore, preschool children should be taken care of by adults when eating nut food, especially children under 3 years old whose swallowing control ability is not mature. It is better to cut the nuts to avoid danger. Finally, some people are allergic to certain nuts, such as peanut and cashew nuts. Once ingested, it will produce skin itching, throat edema and other reactions, and even life-threatening. Once they find themselves allergic to a particular nut, they should stay away from it.


need to be explained that as long as the amount is well controlled, gout patients, diabetes patients and weight-loss people can also rest assured to eat nuts. Nuts are low purine food, with less starch content and more dietary fiber (except chestnut and ginkgo), which can help control blood sugar, effectively suppress hunger and prolong satiety. The appropriate daily consumption of nuts is about half a Liang, equivalent to about a handful. ▲

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