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protein is the material basis of life activities, known as “human engineer”, which undertakes the work of constructing, repairing tissues and regulating physiological functions, mainly exists in meat, eggs, milk and other foods. Once the human body lacks protein, not only the metabolism level will be reduced, but also the immunity will be reduced. Reader’s Digest, a website of the United States, recently examined six signs of insufficient protein intake. Often feel weak and hungry. Protein intake is too low to provide enough energy for the human body. It can make people listless, reduce vitality, easily cause edema on the body, and poor digestion ability.


2. If you want to make your body stronger, regular exercise is the foundation, but if you don’t eat enough protein, you can’t fuel your tissues by taking the necessary amount of amino acids (the smallest unit of protein). At this point, the body has no choice but to break down muscles and get amino acids from muscle fibers. Nutritionists at New York University’s Steinhart School of culture, education and human development believe that you can judge by looking at the clavicle. If the clavicle is particularly prominent, it means you need to supplement protein. It is difficult to lose weight. Studies have shown that if dieters increase their protein intake to 30% of their daily total calories, they will lose about 450 kcal per day. In the process of losing weight, eating enough protein plays an important role in ensuring weight loss. Food with high protein content takes longer time to digest, metabolize and use, which means that dieters need to burn more calories to process protein.

4. Pull your hair gently to see how many drops? Hair is mainly made of protein, it needs enough protein to grow and keep healthy. If you don’t get enough protein from your diet, hair growth will be affected, which means you’ll lose more hair than before. If you want to keep your hair healthy and moist, you need to eat 2-3 servings of protein a day.

5. To avoid a cold, not only need to ensure good health habits and adequate sleep, adequate nutrition is also crucial. A study published in the journal progress in food and Nutrition Science showed that a lack of protein can reduce the number of T cells that play an important role in resistance to pathogens. Therefore, only eating enough protein can help the immune system resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses.

6. Swollen ankle and feet. Proteins help to keep salt and water in the blood. If there is no sufficient protein, the liquid will easily stay around the ankle and feet. These liquids will permeate the surrounding tissues and cause * edema. ▲

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