to a plate of first stubble leek dumplings, can simply taste to the taste of spring. However, the elegance of leeks has long been taken away by the new name of “Zhuang Yang Cao”. To tell you the truth, I especially like the unique taste of leek, so that when I was still a student, I always ordered baked leeks on the barbecue stand. At this time, my friends in the same industry always showed a strange bad smile. Sorry to say, for a long time, I didn’t understand the meaning of that smile. Still doing my own way, ordering the dish of baked leeks.

Chinese chives are native vegetables in China. In the book of songs, there is a poem “fleas are sacrificed by lambs on the fourth day”. At that time, the ancients had already used leeks as the best priesthood. By the Han Dynasty, the government had already begun to produce leeks in winter using greenhouses. The reason why this kind of lily plant with special pungent taste is highly praised by people. On the one hand, it is easy to grow, relying on the support of perennial roots for leaf development, and even gets the nickname of “lazy vegetable”; the other is that it is considered to be conducive to male masculinity, and even known as “Zhuang Yang Cao”. Does leek have such magical effect? If


want to be used as divine medicine, there must be some exclusive ingredients. For leek, the most special natural is the sulfur compounds (such as dimethyl disulfide, allyl disulfide, etc.). The special spicy flavor of leek is because of their existence. Although there are more than 20 kinds of such substances in leek, until now, no one has been found to act on our reproductive system. However, their work has been magnified by human beings. These pungent substances are expected to become new biopesticides. On the one hand, they can inhibit fungi, and on the other hand, they can drive away pests that eat fruits and vegetables.

let’s look at another “magical” substance zinc. This is also the scientific basis of the current “leek aphrodisiac” vigorously publicized. Unfortunately, the content of zinc in leek is very low, only about 0.43 mg per 100 g of leek. Not to mention the same weight of oysters 71 mg zinc content, even Lentinus edodes 8.6 mg is not comparable. If zinc is really used to control male function, we might as well eat two mushrooms directly instead of swallowing large plates of roast leeks. At least from the current experimental reports, the main role of zinc is to promote the normal development of male organs and maintain sperm activity. As for the men who want to use them to promote male style, I am afraid it is a little reluctant.

OK, except for these special things. The legend also emphasizes that leeks are rich in nutrients – Vitamin C, polysaccharides, and even cellulose, which are also used as “helping” elements. Yes, these substances are good for our health. However, these substances are not directly related to male function. What’s more, it’s not leek’s specialty to provide these nutrients. The vitamin C content of Chinese Cabbage (47 mg / 100 g) was higher than that of leek (24 mg / 100 g). Where does the theory of


come from? Well, the only “evidence” that can support the legend of


is the ancient medical records. Then let’s take a look at how the ancient books record the efficacy of leek. In the compendium of Materia Medica, the effect of leek is: “raw juice on the main breath, wheezing to break, detoxification of meat preserves. Boil juice drink, can stop cough night sweat. Chinese chive seed tonify liver and life gate, treatment of frequent urination, enuresis Although the urinary system is mentioned as a neighbor of the reproductive system, it has nothing to do with male function.


if we have to look for words related to Chinese chives to invigorate Yang, there are “warming the middle, lowering Qi, tonifying deficiency, harmonizing the viscera, making people eat, tonifying yang, stopping acetabular pus, abdominal cold pain, and cooking it ”However, it is far fetched to interpret the word “Yang” as a male function. In this way, leek is more like a modern version of the legend of health.


no matter what, leek egg dumplings are still my favorite. As for the legend of aphrodisiac, it should be regarded as a good psychological placebo. Today, every time I go to Yunnan restaurant with my friends, I always want a plate of baked leeks. It’s not because it has any temptation to prolong the time, but because of its unique aroma and taste that I can’t stop. In front of the gourmands, nutrition and efficacy will become floating clouds at any time. What we eat is the smell of leek! Tips on


attached with the article is


derived from leek? The tenderness of


leek is not comparable to leek. Some people say that the leek in the dark will become leek, if you follow this law, you will get a bunch of rotten leeks. In fact, leek is the leek in the isolation of light conditions to grow out of the tender leaves. Because leek root can reserve nutrients, so can temporarily out of light, grow yellow chives.

how to remove the leek breath

handsome men and women usually avoid eating leeks, because the smell left in the mouth after eating leeks is really embarrassing. The most effective way is to brush your teeth. If there is no such condition, it is effective to chew tea and drink milk. This method is only suitable for those who eat appropriate amount of leek. If you eat too much leek dumplings, the hiccups are leek flavor, even if the gods can not save you.

P.S. smash Niang said that for unmarried young men, when dating, you should never eat a lot of leeks with the “strong Yang” in mind.

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