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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have an LTPO display with a variable refresh rate. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be only the two Note variants this year. There won’t be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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  1. Mûhammad Śajid May 14, 2020

    Lol… no Sales after all. All show no go.
    If samsung wasn’t a diversified company, it would have ran out of business already.

  2. bazuくて May 14, 2020

    but LTPO makes no sense if samsung makes phone with shit exynos chipset LOL

  3. Alvin Tung May 14, 2020

    What’s up Sal.

  4. Danny War Robots May 14, 2020

    Gonna wait out for the Amd gpu .

  5. liew tze haw May 14, 2020

    productivity reached limit, camera compete fail, display comparison will it be win? 1st question iphone will applied micro LED at 1st or not?

  6. Abishek Rajkumar May 14, 2020

    Lol refresh rate is a thing these days on High end phones..

  7. RIDER MANGKANOR May 14, 2020

    samsung unit is a beast but very very very expensive

  8. anand jat May 14, 2020

    Can yoh tell me please background music of video ?

  9. vivek kumar May 14, 2020

    Samsung is always best in the market in making display,apple can never match samsung in terms of display…

  10. Tendø May 14, 2020

    There will be no more Samsung for me as long as they don't use snapdragon over Exynos here in Europe.

  11. Storm Aker May 14, 2020

    Oh, No note 20 ultra….
    I wonder why 🤔

  12. Quid Khan May 14, 2020

    I'm just worried about the Samsung camera sensors they already have auto focus issues on the s20ultra.

  13. Vineeth C May 14, 2020

    I haven't sent the video but wow, apple hasn't even confirmed it yet and you have Samsung's reply to that display. Wow,are you a tech reviewer or a tarot reader?

  14. BOREY May 14, 2020

    Look great

  15. MrFallen1ne May 14, 2020

    Samsungs answer? Wtf like they even need one.
    If you reversed the title to iPhone 12's answer that might make sense.

  16. Omatrix 35S May 14, 2020

    Bruh, people r not going care whether the note 20 has 120hz or 90hz blah blah blah….. There r so so many people in the world that r apple fanboys that rgoing to buy the iphone 12 series netherless it has a 120 hz or not. One e.g. is in the previous year u have already seen it with the iphone 11 series it was a big win for apple, i mean people didn't care whether the phone supports 90hz or 120hz. N also many phone came out with the idea of 90hz 120hz but the sale was not good as compared to apple's iphone 11 series.😆😆

  17. Sylo bloc May 14, 2020

    Still regret getting my S20 Ultra. Exynos is one hot garbage (literally hot). What's the point of a beautiful 120 Hz display if the chip heats up and throttles and you go back to 60 Hz.

  18. W Dora May 14, 2020

    apple buy display from samsung.. are you mad… one strp ahead.. pfffttt

  19. Dennis Ariel Figueroa May 14, 2020

    More shit!!!!!

  20. Sujan Shrestha May 14, 2020

    Twitter for iPhone .. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  21. Rishabh Bishnoi May 14, 2020

    There is no need to buy such phone except for camera.

  22. Eric Smith May 14, 2020

    What I'd really like is to turn down the display and get 3 days per charge

  23. Liam Lake May 14, 2020

    We all need to put pressure on samsung for the headphone jack to return

  24. Hojimuhammad 444 May 14, 2020

    Who is Ross Young

  25. Martin Brankov May 14, 2020

    Samsung needs to step up because s20 was a failure outside Korea and USA!

  26. Meteor Mash May 14, 2020

    15% less power usage of the display is not that big of a difference thats like 5% more batery life lol

  27. Xander May 14, 2020

    I see issues with dynamic refresh rates on the LTPO for Android apps. The kernel itself is the biggest issue here, and because it’s need to run on so many different devices that have different types of components it’s hard to create a solution that’s essentially a “do it all” system. This is where Apple has its benefits because of being a full stack. There’s only one company, and they have access to the solution stack.

  28. charles brown May 14, 2020

    Well the funny part is the person… Whose tweets are shown… Still tweets with an iphone…. 😂 😂 Just look at the tweets.

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