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samsung a20

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  1. BRUCE July 8, 2019

    So-so phone. This phone seem to have slow wifi connections, The setting are hard to find in the menus compared to my old phone or are called something different. I cannot get my banking app to work, called both Google and Samsung and they said it is not compatible with this model!
    I guess I will have to start saving up for a Galaxy Note!

  2. Steve July 17, 2019

    this phone is honestly the best phone for the money Its got everything the S10+ has got that mattered to me anyway and have replaced my S9 with the A70 the phone also came with a free 128gb micro sd card a free case for the phone 3 free months of Mint mobile with the sim kit included 25 watt fast changing is amazing hour and a half from 0 to 100 there’s way to many good things to say about this phone that the few things it isn’t like water resistant for example seem to not matter seen as ip rated phone lose their water resistance over time or if you break or repair the phone 100% recommend this phone if your a Samsung fan

  3. Skweezy July 21, 2019

    Glitchy. By far my worst investment in phones. My stylo was half the price and lasted 3 good years until the waterpark ate it. After the return policy time, 7 days(in my “The Grudge” voice), this splurge went all poltergeist. Very disappointed in this choice as a replacement.

  4. Taylor July 22, 2019

    Good Value and Reasonable Price. Great value and a reliable device. This was a good first phone for my 13 year old

  5. Liane August 3, 2019

    I am in AWE of this phone!!! Went in to a new retailer knowing that I wanted something different, like a Samsung instead of an overrated Apple. I will NEVER be without a Samsung again! So easy to set up and transfer my info, and the FEATURES!!!

  6. Jonattanmendo24 September 12, 2019

    Good Cellphone for affordable price. Samsungs A series are very cool. They do have great camera and features that are descent for the price they worth comparing to the higher range cellphone like the ”S” series.
    The only two things that I dislike about A50 are the finger print recognition that usually takes few times to unlock and the kind of silicone fabric case that comes with the cellphone. This will allow dust per example get in the borders and scratch the shiny back part of the cellphone. Besides that I am truly happy to have bought the A50.

  7. Ajm4 September 13, 2019

    Samsung Galaxy A10e. It is a great phone operating system is awesome would recommend this to family and friends

  8. hubees October 3, 2019

    Best phone I have purchased so far. Wanted a note 10 but could not afford 2 phones for 2200 bucks. I found this and compaired to the 10 it has better features or very simular and it works fantastic. I am att prepaid popped my sim in and boom great phone and works wonderful on my plan. I got 2 one for me and one for my wife we both are happy the screen is so beautiful and the phone came with 3 month mint mobileif you wanted that’s survive I stayed with att, and 128 sd card, and a screen protector, and case so for the price it was exceptional and I can do it all on this phone even watch netflix and dont have to have that att high plan of 150 month data my unlimited prepaid 45 and 50 on our phones do great . I have only had the phone for 2 weeks so other than how long they stand up well have to see.. p.s the battery in these things are the best 6 hours of Netflix only uses 50% to 60% of battery and it charges super fast

  9. pcm363363 October 11, 2019

    Good Phone. I have had my phone for a week now and I love it. I can have several different apps on it and it is supported. It is fast and it holds a lot of storage.

  10. sattlight October 14, 2019

    A perfect starter phone! as a good phone for starters, performs same as a note 8 in gaming

  11. Nichole October 19, 2019

    Samsung a10e. Its a beautiful little phone with a big HD infinity screen, the battery lasts about all day still learning my usage patterns, but it does have a few bugs to be expected of a new phone like when I use my headphones it shuts the music off by itself or it turns down the volume on it’s own and had a problem with the default home it got stuck on a app and had to work around it and got a new launcher so it’s fine, other than that it’s a pretty powerful little phone worth the price $74 at Walmart so, so far so good.

  12. Em October 25, 2019

    Love this phone! Absolutely LOVE this phone! The 13 mp camera, and SELFIE camera are amazing! Great for everyday use, games and emails. Large 5.5 screen makes it easy to handle without being too much. Cases are easily available online. I purchased my Samsung Galaxy J 7 Crown 1 year ago, and it still impresses me every day. Never freezes or lags, great storage. Would highly recommend.

  13. JsGabriel206 November 3, 2019

    Great phone for the price! This is one of the best mid-range smartphones out there, it packs a lot of features, a very good camera. and good performance for the price!

  14. you November 6, 2019
  15. PhyllisAnn November 8, 2019

    Not worth it. I bought this phone about 1.5 weeks ago. I previously had a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro. The software is similar in both phones with mild differences. I was able to move my Sim card from Luna Pro and put it into the J2 with no lag in service. My micro sd card was visible in the J2 and again had zero issues with being able to access my pics. All of these are huge pluses. Where the J2 fails, in a very big way, the speaker is in the back next to the camera. The volume on the J2 is about half of what the Luna Pro is. The speaker on the Luna Pro is on the side and blows away in volume vs J2. Being a Senior Citizen with possible reduction is hearing capabilities, volume control is vital. (My hearing tests say I’m good). Another difference is the back, home and tile buttons are not in the physical phone, like in the Luna Pro. With the J2, you must swipe up to access those features. That is not really a big deal. My biggest issue is the speaker and volume. Had that been on the side and louder, I would be a very happy senior. Would I buy this phone again? No! Hope this helps.

  16. jlbp November 10, 2019

    Great phone but 2-foot cord. I just bought this phone and so far it’s perfect for me, everything I need. But…how could you possible think it’s appropriate to give customers a 2 foot long cord with a phone? It doesn’t even reach from my outlet to the top of my nightstand, which the outlet is directly behind. Besides making it impossible for me to charge, it is a great phone.

  17. Ranlope November 11, 2019

    Love the edge to edge. Bought this phone about a month ago love the screen not bulky fits perfectly in my pocket also not heavy,it’s not to wide just slim enough

  18. Lexi November 12, 2019

    Ordered 2 of them and not only do i love this phone but it came a day earlier .!! Im so exited about my purchase thank you so much !

  19. thatGuyinFlorida November 13, 2019

    Awesome phone! I’ve had this phone for about 2 weeks and I am very pleased with it. 32 gb built in makes this phone super fast, the software (9.0) took a minute to get used to, but I love it. I would buy this one again and again.

  20. CSR November 13, 2019

    Terrible camera. My phone is not a prepaid phone it is a replacement for a Samsung Rugby that is good for everything except navigation. I got this phone for navigating on a trip. It worked well. But the camera on this phone is TERRIBLE. I actually am using my old Samsung Rugby for pictures now. The trip pictures that I took are not good and will not transfer to our video picture frame. Very disappointed! This phone is also not as user friendly as the old Rugby.

  21. Lisa November 18, 2019

    Feels and Looks like an expensive phone! I’ve had this phone for about 2 weeks and during that time, tested everything possible.

    *Fast Processor
    *Plays games better than expected (Doesn’t get hot like expected either)
    *Fingerprint reader is awesome and quick
    *Both cameras are surprisingly good quality as well
    *Fast charge is good

    *Screen makes things look washed out but has good quality
    *Front facing camera is pretty much garbage but gets the job done and is the reason I gave this phone 4 stars.

    *Charger is short so be prepared for that
    *It, allegedly, supports wireless charging

  22. Tom November 21, 2019

    Was unable to use the product because my carrier would not activate activate the phone on their system so I was stuck with my old phone not realizing that if you buy a phone you have to buy it from a particular carrier and play a bigger price in the future I will know better and will do things a little differently thank you

  23. Travelsalot November 21, 2019

    Descent phone. Needed to replace a Note4 from Sprint. Works about the same as most Samsungs without the high price tag. Cell Service runs off T-Mobile’s Network. Don’t expect to get your Walmart Gift Card. Been over a month and still haven’t received the rest of my verification.

  24. Justin007 December 1, 2019

    Awesome Phone!! I’m new to Samsung phone’s coming from owning a LG and I am pleased to say this phone is worth every penny. Tons of features and excellent battery power which learns from usage and optimizes for your day. I love my Galaxy A50.

  25. Magilla44 December 4, 2019

    FROM AWESOME TO AWESOME. I just got the A20 about 3 months ago, and I couldn’t be happier. I owned the J7 Crown. Which I totally was pleased with. That J7 Crown is a good phone. It’s only set back in MY particular case only. Was that I needed just a little larger screen. That’s all. And I got just what the doc ordered..

  26. Okay December 4, 2019

    I bought this phone because I needed an upgrade. This is the first Samsung phone I’ve ever owned, and I can honestly say I will be sticking with Samsung when I need to buy phones. For the price, you can’t beat this phone. The display is crystal clear, and the battery life is very good. Descriptions of the phone say that it doesn’t have fast charging, but it does charge very quickly. The only issue I can say that I’ve had so far is that the front-facing camera seems to be too zoomed in. The camera quality is not the best, but it is certainly better than other new phones of the same price.

  27. PeanuttheDog December 4, 2019

    Great 2019 budget phone! Exceeded my expectations. The single 8mp camera is actually superb! The cutout for the 5mp selfie camera is super discrete! The display is awesome and I actually like the phones default wallpapers. The battery life gives me a whole day because I don’t use this guy a lot. The flashlight is very bright and useful. Good job Samsung. I’m impressed!

  28. TJ December 7, 2019

    Great phone if you are looking for a budget friendly device.

  29. Chris December 11, 2019

    I don’t recommend doing a number transfer with a lifeline from assurance because I tried to keep my number but it didn’t work. I bought this phone two days ago but it still has no service. I also used the top up card and I can’t get my money back for it. I Feel disappointed because family mobile Customer service couldn’t help neither the allstate insurance.

  30. Jen December 11, 2019
  31. Matty December 13, 2019

    Amazing Phone. love this phone I’ve only owned apple devices my whole life and this is my first android and I’m very pleased with it.

  32. cowboy December 23, 2019

    Samsung Galaxy J7CROWN. I have had the J7 for 3 years and had really good luck with it but I needed more storage space. So I purchased the J7Crown 1 yr ago and it does everything I need it to do. I do all my business and media on this phone and have never had any problems. Camera could be better but is still good. In fact I just bought one for my wife and she loves it. I would recommend this product and I might add it is 3 times faster than the J7 with 32g of storage at a reasonable price.

  33. Happy January 1, 2020

    Love it and the plan. Let me write an actual review.
    Switched from Verizon because they are very expensive and the bill differed each month etc…
    Wife and I both purchased A10E phones. I have had a dozen different cell phones in my life and I honestly can say this is the best. Lighweight. Sharp display. Insane battery life. Fast processing. Clear calls and on and on. LOVE this phone. At ~150 with a $39 no contract data plan, we will be saving $100 a month and have new phones that are ours. Even should we damage one, a brand new one at $150 is the same as insurance deductible for a refurb from Verizon.
    Super easy to switch to family mobile and kept our Verizon number. Very Pleased.

  34. jagermiesterbabe January 6, 2020
  35. PhoneGeeker January 9, 2020

    Have an A50? Return and buy this! Bought an A50 us model on the Zon for 350 and after a week felt like I hadn’t gained much by leaving my Huawei. It was similar to this A70 but this phone is the same price, bigger, faster (snap beats a 9610) more ram and a awesome cam (it is don’t listen to the haters)

    For the same price i get better performance, faster charging, decent headphones and a free 128gb sd card (wasn’t expecting that either)

    Not going into crazy details here but I’m a phone geek and this is a phone for a geek or a regular user. AND IT DOES WORK ON TMOBILE – MAKE SURE YOU SET THE CORRECT APN (SIMPLE)

    Get this phone you’ll love it.

  36. Nalin January 16, 2020

    Awesome phone for the price! I bought this phone about a month ago, and I am super happy with it. It has flagship features like Samsung’s Super Amoled Display, Triple Camera and In-display Fingerprint scanner at this price point which is amazing. To top it all, Samsungs OS skin One- UI is just beautiful!

  37. Jenesis January 17, 2020

    Great Camera. Owned this phone since 1/15/20 the best decision I made. Great price. Great Battery life. Camera is 25mp better than the Note 10 and iPhone 11 which only has 12mp. I will keep this phone for a while. This makes the 3rd Samsung Galaxy Phone I’ve owned Never Had Issues with Samsung Phones. Next phone upgrade will be A70 or A71

  38. Susan January 21, 2020

    Best Samsung Galaxy phone purchase. This phone came early and met all my expectations. I was a little worried and unsure about the specs, as this model is not sold in the US, so I had to go to Samsung’s Philipines site for it. When I received the phone, it was exactly as described in the Walmart product description and Samsung’s website. The phone works great and flawlessly. The large display size took a little getting used since all my previous phones only had a 5 inch display if even that. Other than that, I’m very happy about the price I paid for this phone.

  39. TogetherShopper January 25, 2020

    I’m happy. With a new plan I had to accept their phone and it was functional. I really missed my other Samsung product and was glad I found this one at a good price. I find Samsung phones easy and user friendly. I’m happy again.

  40. greg January 26, 2020

    Poor Service on line and in store. I ordered an A 20 Samsung phone, when i contacted Walmart i was told this phone was comparable with straight talk my provider, i did receive the phone and when i tried to connect up with straight talk i was informed this phone is programmed with straight talk in the Philippines. I also order a case which did not fit. Both were returned to Walmart, however it took 9 people to credit my account.
    Thanks Walmart

  41. LauraP777 January 26, 2020

    Great 1st phone. Don’t fret- call customer service! Our phone would not complete the setup process online.
    We called the customer service line and was quickly sent to 2nd level tech. He was able to use our eim number to send an update to our phone- fixing the issue. The phone appears to be working great for my son. He actually gets better reception with his phone than I get with my At

  42. Drew January 27, 2020

    Amazing buy, but the service can get annoying. Definitely a great phone, but it keeps giving notifications saying (“Software Update, please log into network”), and whenever I try to log in, then it goes and says (“Webpage not available”). I’m on the $55.00 prepaid plan, and it’s not supposed to be doing stuff like that. But other than that, it’s definitely a good phone!

  43. Kim January 30, 2020

    2G/3G. Love this phone but it’s not 4G so I barely get reception.

  44. Dezaray January 30, 2020

    made me pay for what I did not want. great phone but after 2 months it made me activate it I did not need a bill now I am paying 69 dollars a month for something I don’t want

  45. Sue February 1, 2020

    Very Disappointed with Total Wireless. I am so upset. I tries 2 of the a10e phones neither will work with my Verizon service provider. My existing Samsung phone works fine. I think the phones I bought are for AT

  46. SLVaughn20 February 3, 2020

    great 32gb upgrade. Great $99 upgrade. I was worried by reviews on difficulty to navigate. I don’t have any issues moving from a 16gb android. Is faster seems, but all new phones are. Quickly uploaded all my apps before switching sim card, through Google on wi-fi in 30 min while charging. it has pop ups if notices errors like trying to take a scream shot. popped up and said if you are trying to take screen shot hold down power and down volume. sweet… smaller then old phone but maximizes surface space for screen. I’m happy. usually go 2 years between new phone. so far taking great pictures….

  47. Alisha February 4, 2020

    Worth it! It came with an extra micro SDK card so it has 128g of memory now and a free case (I still bought 1) I’ve had no problems with the phone and it hasn’t slowed down with all my apps. Only thing I do not like is wont let me video call but I’m pretty sure that a metro issue

  48. Ronald February 6, 2020

    Phone was great at first, but not so much now. I was very impressed when I first got this phone. It was responsive, fast and everything worked like a charm. I’ve had it for about six months now and even though I keep it optimized with the built in software and use less than half of the phone’s capacity, it’s not the same. It is now slow to load titles, it’s very glitchy, especially if you have more than one app running and receive a phone call at the same time, good luck with that. The battery is decent and I have no complaints there, but overall, if I had it to do again, I would pass on this one.

  49. MissJersey3 February 10, 2020
  50. Regina February 11, 2020

    Great phone at a great price! Purchased phone as birthday gift for my daughter. She was very pleased with the size of the phone, easy to carry in pocket. The memory space was something else she really liked.

  51. Shaunell February 11, 2020

    Really nice reliable, basic cell phone. I don’t replace my cell phones like hot cakes on pancake night. I kept the same cell phone for long periods of time. My last cell phone was a little SKY phone. The SKY phone was a reliable cell phone, but it started running slow and it was time for an upgrade. I am really pleased with this Samsung Galaxy A10e. The volume is loud w/o any distortion, no lag time when downloading, apps open with no issues. I wish I can remove some of the pre-loaded apps I will not be using. It does not over heat. Light weight and easy to hold. I wish it had a pre-install radio, so I can stay in-tune with local media and entertainment while on the go. I like the camera features. Everything is simply pretty basic, but it works for me. I like this phone. I like Samsung brand cell phones. This is my 2nd Samsung cell phone. My first Samsung was a small slide-out phone panel phone (before there were apps on phones). That slide out phone was a reliable phone as well that used for a long time. So, I plan on keeping this phone for a long time, too.

  52. Chinasa February 12, 2020

    Bought this phone online from Walmart in October 2019 and by February 2020 the screen sensors stopped working. Nothing responds to touch anymore. I can no longer open the phone nor access the apps. I have discharged it a few times and powered it on with no difference. This is frustrating as my whatsapp account is locked in.

  53. Dave February 12, 2020

    Tried 3 times to get 2 phones alike and then ordered Boost phones not knowing we’d lose our straight talk agreement.
    Staff was very helpful and patient. Ende up with another phone that has a virus.

  54. Justin February 13, 2020

    Samsung Galaxy A20. Just bought this phone to day and so far it is ROCKIN really good solid phone so far. pretty pretty Snappy and quick responsive great 4G phone in my area couldn’t be happier. best birthday gift ever

  55. Ellyn February 13, 2020

    Better than some and the pricing was good. I think this is a very good phone for the price. I am in a non-contract service so I must buy my phones. This one replaces the Samsung Galaxy J that I was using. This one is lighter and slimmer and I am still learning how to navigate with this one. But so far there have been no problems.

  56. Robert February 14, 2020

    Not a bad fone at all. The camera takes awsome shots.

  57. hpdrek February 14, 2020

    Goo but not great… Is a good device, with good qualities but depending on network you sacrifice a lot. Main features does not work with GSM network like Wifi calling and tethering. Att does not support device. Cheap and affordable but you get EXACTLY what you paid for it. Is better to buy an used s8.

  58. Kimmie February 16, 2020

    I can’t customize it like I want but other than that great phone

  59. Timothy February 17, 2020

    Very Satisfied. Great phone for the size. You can do a lot on it. I brought it with 32G storage one it and put my SD card in it and still have storage. I would recommend this phone for a working person.

  60. Helena February 18, 2020

    Buyer Beware. I like this phone alot, it’s sleek, has a nice blue shade. I only wish I knew beforehand that this phone is NOT covered under Samsung USA warranty. This phone is from Central America/Carribean area, it is NOT sold in the U.S. and nowhere does the ad state that! So imagine my surprise when I called Samsung to find out why there were no phone accessories for the Samsung A20s even on their website. So the warranty is covered under country of origin.

  61. Claude February 18, 2020
  62. Kora2212 February 18, 2020

    I might buy this product again. I like this phone. Although sometimes it freezes up. Buy it has a great camera and I would recommend.

  63. Cricckket February 23, 2020

    Would give 5*s BUT…. Loved this phone till i went to use the pay feature and it wouldnt work only to find out that my phone is an international version which does not have NFC like US version. Really sucks abd I dont think they should be sllowed to sell this version in US without it saying it on the box to warn you

  64. Kathryn February 24, 2020

    Great Phone. It is a great phone with great colour contrast and function. The only problem that I am having is that I sometimes have a slight delay when I touch the screen and when it responds. The delay is very slight, fractions of a second, but it is noticeable. Otherwise, this is a great phone 9/10 would recommend!

  65. Carlos February 24, 2020
  66. Gwendolyn February 25, 2020

    Samsung A20 Sucks. This is the worst phone I’ve ever had. I am unable to receive call because the phone does not ring the majority of the time. Most times, I see I have a voicemail but it doesn’t appear in the call log. People tell me when they call me, it goes straight to voicemail. I’ve tried every suggestion to fix it. I want to return it and get my money back., Samsung A20 sucks. Don’t buy it!

  67. Kristina February 26, 2020

    Poor reception!! Reception was bad!!! And of course took mev longer than the 14 days to notice. SAME carrier, SAME building this phone got NO reception. Baught a cheaper LG K8 and got 3 -4 bars I guess if you want storage and camera this phone might work, but my job is on call so this basically was a waste of 100 bucks

  68. apriicityx February 27, 2020

    very nice phone. :). This is a really, really nice phone for an amazing price. I think it’s a steal. It’s pretty nice quality too.

    The camera quality is pretty decent, but it’s not the best. Network speed is pretty great. I haven’t tested the hot spot, but I’m sure it works just like any other. You can customize this phone in many ways, such as widgets and the style of the clock on the lock screen.

    It has 32GB with expandable storage, a 5.8″ display, 5MP front camera, 8MP rear camera, and a pretty nice battery that lasts for up to about 24 hours, depending on how you use it.

  69. Momof4 February 29, 2020

    The phone is nice and its camparable to the expensive model. The only bad thing I can say is that the camera quality isn’t the best.

  70. Angie March 2, 2020
  71. Devon March 3, 2020

    Great phone. BACKUP SD card b4 u encrypt!!! Great phone with lots of features but it completely hosed my SD card when i tried to encrypt. Luckily, once inserted into the old device, the photos were still gucci: documents, corrupted

  72. pood49 March 4, 2020

    Samsung Galaxy A10e 32gb Factory Unlocked Smartpho. We ordered this phone on The delivery was fast, the packaging was not good, it was in a box without padding so it bounced around. The phone was broken on the bottom edge. I called our local Walmart and they told me to bring it back for a refund. Which I did.

  73. Sunshine March 6, 2020

    I bought this phone it’s a great phone $99.00 is a good price the problem is wal-mart doesn’t sale the case in stores and that sucks not everyone shops online PLEASE ORDER THE CASES TO BE SOLD IT STORES.

  74. bobby March 6, 2020

    WAITING. It said 2 day free deliver but its been 3 days and still no phone 😕 I’m sure the phone is gonna be great but it’s hard being without a phone

  75. Jason March 7, 2020

    Will not work with a lot of carriers. Great phone but! Will not work with these prepaid services. Treckfone, ATT, Smarttalk, Boost mobile. Love this phone but im with trackfone and it’s not compatable. I called to make sure. I talk very little on my phone and end up paying 20 dollars every 2 months with trackfone. Cricket says it will work…

  76. Jesse March 8, 2020

    After literally days of researching phones, this is where I landed. Great phone for the price. Basically identical to the A50 minus the resolution + the fact that it’s sold

  77. Dezaray March 8, 2020

    Great Phone. Great phone for my teen. He just needed something to be able to call or text us when he isn’t home and this phone works great for him.

  78. Sasha March 8, 2020

    100 percent satisfied! Thanks Walmart!

  79. amanda March 10, 2020

    Great phone. Camera ain’t the best but it’s a good phone

  80. Maggie March 10, 2020

    Great phone,. But super hard to find a phone case for it .

  81. katy March 11, 2020

    great phone ( would recommend. just got the phone so far i love it it so similar to my s9 just no bixby or finger print senser bit i mever used that anyway so i like it. 4 star because it lag just a little not much to where is noticable to others but i have ocd so it is to me but all-n-all i love it

  82. Paul March 11, 2020

    HORRIBLE BATTERY LIFE!!! Absolutely the worst battery life I have ever had in a phone. The screen is nice, the performance is adequate for the price but the battery is a deal breaker. Dead by early afternoon every day. The battery is worthless.

  83. ulu36b March 12, 2020

    I bought another for my wife! :-). You usually can’t go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy. This phone is no exception. All the great features you’d expect from a high end phone except the price. Set up using AT

  84. ulu36b March 12, 2020

    Excellent Product, Performance and Price!!!! You usually can’t go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy. This phone is no exception. All the great features you’d expect from a high end phone except the price. Set up using AT

  85. MERRI March 14, 2020

    I am unaware of how it works because it was a gift

  86. Ramona March 15, 2020

    bought just a few days ago. n worked fine til today. couldn’t hear other caller. r they couldn’t hear me.

  87. Ryan March 15, 2020

    Bye Bye iphone Hello Samsung. Pretty sweet phone, comes with night mode built in and even while you video with someone they can see your screen while you browse together if you want. it also comes with split screen option for 2 apps at once and also a sweet feature to hide icons you don’t want anyone snooping around for. Top of the line product from Samsung. They really put did themselves. I did away with buying iPhones just to get this one. And the battery last way longer than any iPhone I ever bought. Bye Bye apple and hello Android again. will never buy another POS iPhone again due to battery issues. Android smokes the time usage over apple on battery life and features.

  88. Tabitha Thomas March 17, 2020

    Great Phone. My husband and I bought this phone because he was switching providers and I needed an upgrade. We didn’t know much about these phones but when we received them they were the best both of us have owned. From every feature, to screen resolution, to the camera, the audio calls the phone has been amazing. We have both had our phones about 4 months now and we are still in love. I would recommend to anyone with the understanding not all electronics are perfect and may not suit your specific needs but for my husband and I its been flawless.

  89. Ellen March 17, 2020

    This Is An Awesome Mid-Range Phone. Don’t Listen To Haters!!! These Haters are just Apple users that come here to hate on us. This phone is very close to Galaxy S10e features but at a much lower price. It is packed with lots of features, awesome camera and good performance.

    The only reason I gave it one star less is because of two things that I dislike about A50, the finger print recognition that usually takes few times to unlock and the Samsung browser with a tiny bug issue where, when the history is cleared and closed the browser doesnt stay on the page we have programmed it for to open in again. I’m sure that Samsung will ignore this issue and do nothing about it. Besides that I’m truly happy to have bought this A50 phone. Just hope they will correct all the bug issues.

  90. Aaron March 18, 2020

    Great Phone! This phone is awesome! I have been using it for a month and it is great! The battery lasts so long! The phone can handle gaming pretty well! The camera is also stunning not to mention its wide angle camera function is great! I would recommend this phone for its price! Get the Samsung A20 INSTEAD of the Samsung A10e. The samsung A20 is such an awesome phone! Both of the photos attached to this review were taken with the samsung A20 camera!

  91. Jenny March 18, 2020

    This will make the 2nd one I’ve had. the first one just went black on me and would not turn back on. lucky enough its within the years warranty with Samsung. I did like the phone, hence I got the same kind, but with insurance this time!

  92. Jules100r March 19, 2020

    Will not connect to my Wi-Fi on 1st day of purchase. Tried everything suggested by total wireless with no help except for telling me to take it back. All of my family using Wi-Fi on their devices just fine, sigh.

  93. Alex B March 20, 2020

    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! I bought this phone and have not been able to use mobile data. I’ve tried literally everything besides replacing hardware. I’ve bought and replaced my sim card and performed every software troubleshooting methods I could find anywhere, including talking to Samsung and Straight Talk support personnel. Don’t buy if you have vision issues. The screen is long, but it is slim, making everything smaller if you hold phone normally. You’ll have to watch every video sideways to see anything. The camera is trash too.

  94. AngelGming March 26, 2020

    An amazing phone!!! The one thing I really love this phone. I had it since Christmas. One thing I like about the phone is the camera. I’m able to take great photos with this. Even though that I love this phone, one thing I dont like about it is the display. It’s not great Since it has a 5.83 inch display. I hope thos will help others in some way.

  95. 1987TurboT March 27, 2020

    Great. Great phone for the price. Does everything I need it to do. Only complaint is notifications, even after checking the notifications it still shows that you have a notification. I have to restart the phone to get rid of it. Minor inconvenience but I can live with it.

  96. Onegirlact March 30, 2020

    I Love it Actually! I actually like this phone a lot to leave a review! Lots of relevant features including the camera’s features. I recommend a case bcuz it gets alot of fingerprints on the back. It feels not too heavy and not too light…just right. Great vivid color screen and fast performance. I went from an iPhone 6 and I dont miss much of the features. I’m still learning what the phone can do, as opposed to the iPhone being a little more intuitive of what I wanted it to do. But overall I feel good about my purchase!

  97. Lm April 1, 2020

    Issues. As was refurbished phone. But very nice phone.

  98. Kelly April 1, 2020

    Nice. I love the phone works great

  99. Nicolas April 2, 2020

    Amazing Features For A Budget Phone. Well, for the first 2 weeks (coincidentally the return period) it works great, then when you put it through it’s paces, it collapses like a runner after a 20k Ironman competition or something. For the price, it has a lot of features, but not the power to go along with them. It freezes a lot, usually just for a couple seconds. Now to the positives, the super amoled screen is amazing on a budget phone. 2 stars have been subtracted because this phone lacks the power of the only slightly more expensive A50 which offers full HD and significantly more power. The only reason I have this phone instead of that is because I broke it and didn’t have the money to buy another one. Altogether, I have to give Samsung the credit for allowing us poor people to have a very similar feel to the S model flagship phones without paying 3-5 times as much. Apple has to sell their older models at this price point, and they just don’t compare, dated screen, questionable processors, terrible cameras, no storage/not expandable. Samsung, keep it up with these phones, and if you want to send me another A50 since Walmart didn’t have one in store when I had the money and could exchange this A20, I’d be much happier, lol. There has always been a problem with my local Walmart placing orders for phones and keeping them in stock. Now I’m stuck with the less powerful, (but still amazing for someone who doesn’t run Lightroom mobile and download higher gigabyte games), phone instead of the A50 which was a perfect fit for me and my budget.

  100. ashley April 2, 2020
  101. Ellis April 2, 2020

    Purchased as a gift for my wife, she loves it. Plenty of memory, camera is great.

  102. Rhonda April 4, 2020

    Samsaug galaxy. I think this galaxy is a awesome phone… the only thing I didnt care for is having to put in the 207 in all my contacts…

  103. victoria April 4, 2020

    The cool Samsung j7 crown cellphone. I had the j3 eclipse so this phone Is a step up and I’m very pleased with it. Its a bit larger, the display is sharp, so far it’s worked flawlessly, it has great sound, good productivity apps, and it’s from a good company. It has little differences like the inability to clear badges, the smart view wasn’t pre-installed so I had to install it, settings menu a tinsy different, the SD/Sim cards are in one tray, it can hold a 400 gigabyte SD card, and it has facial recognition. Lastly a feature I really like is the even 13 megapixels on the front and rear cameras where my old one was less megapixels on selfies and more megapixels on the main camera.

  104. Lisa April 5, 2020

    Great phone. Great phone, does exactly what it should. Fast ,easy and great value.

  105. char April 5, 2020

    Love everything about my phone. I love my new phone, the battery stays charged all day, and when it does need charging, it charges real fast.

  106. Jacob April 5, 2020

    good. love the layout and the size

  107. Pamela April 6, 2020

    Bought it for my daughter. She loves everything about it

  108. Madison April 6, 2020

    Very Good Phone. I really like this Phone. It is not too big or small. It is pretty smart. I like that when you open a App, there is a place where it stays open until you slide up and close it. I am going to order another for a backup Phone. I like the fact that is very affordable.

  109. Teresa April 7, 2020

    It is a great phone so far. We will see how it goes over time.

  110. Teresa April 7, 2020
  111. Beth April 7, 2020

    Great Phone for 50+ Adult to Keep Up w/needed Apps. for a phone this price, I think it is perfect for what I needed. I converted from an LG, and find this phone’s display is much clearer/sharper. The camera is WAY better both sides. I am very happy with the 32gb. I only had a 16gb before, but so far I’ve download to FB games I like to play, and at lease 8 other apps that I wanted. Still room for many more. This phone also lasts a rather long time compared to my other one. I’ve played games for hours the same day I listened to Pandora for hours. There was still half charged battery. Very happy with that. Still all the apps that I used that were already on the phone like Notes, Alarm, Calculator, Google stuff/like Maps. The only thing I do miss is the finger recognition option on my last phone. It was so easy to turn on from sleeping. Other than that, I do recommend this phone.

  112. Bedrock71 April 8, 2020

    Love it! I just purchased this phone to replace my Samsung J7 Sky Pro. I love the new 9.0 software. It’s lightweight and easy to navigate, compared to my old phone. I guess thin is in now and thick n bulky is out when it comes to cell phones!

  113. ferfersmommy April 8, 2020

    Good phone for your kid. Great deal. My son says this phone is way better than his last one.

  114. DARRYL April 9, 2020

    Perfect phone for my mom.

  115. PEGGY April 9, 2020

    Easy to set up and easy to use. Have not had it long, but for my first phone like this the experience was good.

  116. Dawn April 10, 2020

    Internet too slow. Phone is decent. Only issue is the internet is extremely slow. Straight talk figured that phone was defective and gave me a replacement. The internet on it is STILL freaking slower than molasses on this phone as well. Looking to get another phone.

  117. Wilma April 10, 2020

    Amazing phone! Love this phone. Would definetly recomend it. I have metro pcs and it works well so far, no problems.
    The only reason I cant give it 5 stars is the way the packaging came, the box was damaged and it was not sealed at all. I have no Idea if it was a new product or refurbished. The phone was in perfect shape, no scratches or anything, so I kept it. But for anyone else considering it, maybe get it from Amazon or some other store.

  118. GrannyOf19AndCounting April 13, 2020

    Love this phone! Love this phone! It hooks up to the internet faster than my computer so I browse a lot on my phone. My previous phone keep dropping my phone calls in the middle of a conversation even though the modum was only 15 ft away. I no longer have to worry if some msgs were dropped. It’s a great phone.

  119. Mikie44 April 13, 2020

    WORST PHONE EVER. I have been dedicated to Samsung for many a year. Tablets, phones, laptops, our 65″curved screen smart TV. You know, c’mon ma! But honestly. I bought it to replace the Crown J7. But that lasted about a week. I’m back to the J7 and will for e while. I even bought the 2 yr extended warranty. They still charge you money. Can be a bit if it’s real soon after getting it. Who knows, right… But I have made my own little Statewide insurance model out of it, (the phone). It’s pretty kool. BUT DON’T BUY THE A20. Sorry Samsung. But I think I nailed it.

  120. Adoria April 14, 2020

    Pretty Great Phone. So far so good! This is definitely a couple steps up from my old phone. Fast, crisp, versatile. Love the features. Would highly recommend for the prize. And I got my package on time.

  121. RASHANDA April 14, 2020

    Great Phone. I bought it for my 9yr as an entry phone and it does absolutely everything. Out entire home is google connected and she is able to connect seamlessly and I can see everything she do and go with the google family apps. Not only as a kids phone for someone needing a replacement phone or transition from an older model or entry into the smartphone world ots a great choice.

  122. T Justice April 15, 2020

    Fragile. I have owned many phones over the years. I have never cracked the screen on a phone. This one lasted two weeks. A very small impact resulted in a shattered screen. The result is sharp glass and unreadable screen. Also, the back is glued on. It was extremely difficult to open the back to insert my metal plate for my magnet holder.

    Pros: Display is bright. Battery life seems to hold up well. Internet seems quite fast. Phone can be used a mobile hotspot.

    If this phone were a bit more durable, and the back could be removed I would be very happy with it.

  123. Sharon April 15, 2020

    Excellent. I love this phone. My other phone was so old I couldn’t download anything or view much. This so far does everything so far.

  124. James April 16, 2020

    This is a very good phone for the price.

  125. BJH81 April 16, 2020

    I don’t like it. Other than the camera, I don’t like this phone. Samsung is becoming more like Apple than Android in that they have their own version of everything. (Samsung internet, Samsung music, etc.) This causes some features to not work properly if you use the Google apps. The phone functions are buggy and slow. Sometimes the screen lights up when it’s supposed to be locked which results in buttons being pressed

  126. Rochelle April 16, 2020

    Keeps restarting on its own. Keeps restarting on its own. A lot of apps already on phone that I won’t use. I should’ve shopped around.

  127. Charles April 16, 2020

    My girlfriend loves this phone

  128. Susan April 17, 2020

    Disgusted in Straight talk. received it 4-2-20 still can’t call out. Talk to broken English hard to understand and they all go thru the same routine . I am not registered to the network it says. I could call out in town , but now cell service at home . Called and they screwed everything up. Now can’t call out or receive . Keep getting disconnected on phone and chat only one called back. My husbands phone works great he has service at home . What part of not registered to network don’t they understand. I have internet on it . I get my emails , facebook , but no calling network. Can I at least get someone from the USA to talk to when I ask where they are from Phillipines , etc. USA I WANT . My payment went in yesterday , but for almost 3 weeks no service and I am paying . If I could make and receive calls it would be great . I bought a case ,extra charging cords. I didn’t go back to Walmart because of the virus , but I guess I will have to go. This is my main phone ,I have no landline and I am disabled with medical issues so I need it. I never had problems with other phones I was happy with straight talk before.

  129. MomNixUSA April 18, 2020

    Great Phone and Good Price. I have only had my phone for a few days but love it. I have always been a Samsung fan and this phone does not disappoint. It is bigger than my 7S which died on me and I think I prefer the bigger screen. It was easy to set up with my provider – I use Straight Talk and it works well on AT

  130. Brett April 18, 2020

    horrible phone thatis not worth the money. will not recharge with out resetting the phone every time. constantly resets on its own. overall easy more hassle than it it is worth. I won’t be purchasing another Samsung phone.

  131. Karen April 18, 2020

    Samsun J7 Crown. Had it 2 weeks. Working great. Using it on Walmart Family Mobile.

  132. Jennifer April 19, 2020

    Love, love my phone. My order come in so quick. Heads up if you order a phone card, it will be emailed to you. Lol. Very happy with my purchase

  133. Vickie April 19, 2020
  134. Paola April 20, 2020

    I bought it as a gift for my mother, it’s supposed to be an unlocked phone but turned out it is not unlocked. Phone works great and the price is even greater, amazing camera. What bothers me is that now my mom has to buy a “dual-sim card” for the phone… it bothers me because it was supposed to be unlocked, and if it’s unlocked it should work with just one nano sim card and it doesn’t.
    I bought for me an unlocked Samsung Galaxy a70 and it works great with one nano sim card (a70 is from Amazon btw).

  135. C April 20, 2020

    unsatisfied. I find it hard to use. it takes a long time to charge. the charge goes away quickly. I am not satisfied and would like to return it.

  136. Dominga April 20, 2020

    Very Satified. Great device.. I highly recommed, I needed a unlocked phone for international travel, its perfect..job well done ?Samsung!

  137. Doodles April 20, 2020

    Great phone for my teen. Takes good pics and she loved filter settings. Arrived before on time.

  138. Zechariah April 23, 2020

    Great Phone!! Great phone does everything I need it to do strongly recommend this phone

  139. Logan April 23, 2020

    I love this phone. Great deal for a great price. It wasn’t the phone I wanted (I wanted a galaxy s10) but this was the one I could afford and so far it does what I want it to do. Haven’t tried the camera yet

  140. Dana April 23, 2020

    I like the phone just fine…I ordered a bundle with a $45 card…card did not come with phone and phone will not work without card. so not happy with that

  141. Woodley02 April 24, 2020

    Great phone. I’ve only had this phone for a week but I absolutely love it so far. I’m always on my phone and I only have to charge it every other day and even that doesn’t take long.
    Also the camera on here is very good. I’m always taking pictures of my family and I must say they look beautiful.
    I haven’t watched any videos on here yet but I have watched a few music videos on YouTube and there was no lag. I highly recommend this phone

  142. Angie2014 April 24, 2020

    Nice phone! Low price! Great phone! Great price!

  143. BERHANEMESKEL April 25, 2020

    You sending isn’t unlocked

  144. Clement April 25, 2020

    It arrived on time in perfect condition.

  145. Lookfindbuy April 25, 2020

    Great for kids. Bought 2 of these for my kids to have to play games on and have Kids Messenger to talk to family and their friends. No call or text features enabled with the carrier. These phones are great though. They have lots of storage and easy to set up. Great purchase.

  146. Alton April 25, 2020

    I’m a big fan of Samsung products. I love this phone for the pricing and the size.

  147. Patricia April 25, 2020

    product as described and on time delivery

  148. Antoinette April 27, 2020

    Great Phone. Great phone, especially for the price. The design is really nice and the camera is too. It’s thin with a nice-size screen, and has a decent amount of storage capability- but you can add an SD card for expanded memory. I’ve had it for a month now and have no complaints.

  149. Jennifer April 27, 2020

    Best phone. this phone is so awsome it runs really fast and the charging it great

  150. dean April 28, 2020

    A very nice phone for the money. Here is a few things I like about the A20.
    I like the quick response of the phone,the sleek size,the 32 gb of storage,also the Mobil hotspot.

  151. Jennifer April 28, 2020

    Thought it was gonna be an awesome dal… NOPE I only gave it a star bci had to in order to give feed back. Phone is super slow doesn’t keep charge and takes at least 2 hrs to charge. I want my money back

  152. michelle April 28, 2020

    New cell. Very nice with alot of functions as higher priced ones

  153. ADELAIDE April 29, 2020
  154. Luis April 29, 2020

    $80 worth it. For $80 this phone is great. If you want a great camera, this is not the phone. If you do want a great camera spend $800 on a phone. Bottom line, best phone out there for $80.

  155. David April 29, 2020

    Phone is very good. Easy to use and set up. Great display and battery. Best value in today’s phone market.

  156. ralph April 29, 2020


  157. paula April 30, 2020

    MEH. Not great. I went from a Sky pro 7 to this phone thinking it was an upgrade. This phone is smaller and the buttons are in screen which make it awkward to find in a hurry. I will keep it for a while but will most likely look for something different in the near future. Wouldn’t recommend.

  158. john April 30, 2020
  159. Dale April 30, 2020

    Great phonr. Great low cost phone. You will be very happy with it

  160. Linda May 1, 2020

    I thought I was getting the s20 so I was disappointed. I’m still looking.

  161. Jacqueline May 1, 2020

    Great phone. I really like my Samsung galaxy a10e phone. It’s easy to use and has a lot of great features.

  162. Henry May 2, 2020

    Great phone! I was a little uneasy about buying a phone at this price range; however, the phone turned out to be quite nice and I love the interface. It is so easy to navigate between tasks. I also love that I can control two Bluetooth devices at once. I didn’t give it five stars, only because I wish they would have included screen mirroring, and also the speaker is a little harsh sounding, but for what I paid for the phone it doesn’t matter all that much. Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. I recommend this phone to anyone shopping for a nice android phone, but does not want to spend too much.

  163. ocdorganizer May 3, 2020
  164. Heather May 4, 2020

    Love this phone. Have had my A20 about 2 or 3 weeks now. I love the screen very vivid. Phone is easy to move threw. I have no complaints with these phone so far.

  165. zmgr May 4, 2020
  166. sandra May 4, 2020

    Great phone. Price and very easy to navigate lots if features

  167. ARELA May 4, 2020

    Great phone. Love the phone but don’t like that my calendar is in Japanese and I HATE the charger. Wish I was told about language before I ordered. Overall, great phone.

  168. Elizabeth May 5, 2020

    Samsung Galaxy A70. I love everything about this phone. Battery life is great, and the super fast charging is AMAZING. There’s plenty of storage even without an sd card, so if you like to download a lot of apps, this is a good choice. I got the white one so the iridescent rainbow design definitely stands out. The camera is really good for a phone that isn’t a flagship, and the video quality is pretty good too. I’ve had this phone for about 2 months and have 0 complaints.

  169. Dawn May 5, 2020

    Disappointed. The phone was great, BUT…why would you sell a phone in the US that doesnt work in the US?!? The phone was made to work in South and Central America! Very disappointing!

  170. Chell May 8, 2020

    Bigger storage. It’s a great phone just wish it had a bigger storage.

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