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Restoration Broken Samsung galaxy S7 Edge – Phone Crushing By Car
Hi guys! Welcome to the ” Restoration Mobile Phone ” official channel.
Please watch full video:

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  1. Restoration Mobile Phone May 14, 2020

    Found Broken iPhone X in the Rubbish | Rebuild Broken Apple iPhone X

  2. Rafitimba May 14, 2020

    You are a great YouTuber

  3. Jay Hawk May 14, 2020

    Is that Exynos?

  4. Emman Gura May 14, 2020

    What is the title of your background music? Thank.

  5. sourav Yawalkar May 14, 2020

    Bhai ye smartphone ke original part kaha se lete ho

  6. Jitendra Singh May 14, 2020

    Restore my phone also, please

  7. Carl Razon May 14, 2020

    great work, but make sure the camera part you clean it before you install it.

  8. Chabie Beltran May 14, 2020

    Can i send my broken cp to your country mr.jaiphone im from phil. 😁

  9. mahmut toplı May 14, 2020

    Ekran nasıl kırılmış öyle sanki vurulmuş gibi

  10. Ezequiel Silva May 14, 2020

    Muito bom!!🇧🇷😉👏👏

  11. Md. Rabiul Islam May 14, 2020

    নিজের ভেংগে নিজেই ঠিক করে,
    সব মোবাইল একই ডিজাইন এ ভাংগা থাকে,,,
    Fixes itself by breaking itself,
    All mobiles are broken in the vsame design,
    All mobiles are broken in the same design

  12. Logan May 14, 2020

    awesome content keep up the amazing work, wanna talk?

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