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Nobody likes a leaky pipe or a door that just won’t stay open when you need it to. Instead of learning to live with these annoying situations, ignoring the problem or having to call someone else to help you, why not take care of it yourself? Doing little repairs and improvements around the house can be very rewarding and a lot easier than you think, especially if you know what tools and accessories to use. For example, there’s this little kit that lets you instantly and effortlessly repair a leaky pipe (temporarily). There’s also a cool little doorstop that you can install into the floor which stops the door and holds in place and which remains hidden when not in use. You might also enjoy this cool strap kit that lets you lift heavy furniture and other objects without actually requiring a lot of strength or effort. There are also some quick and easy house repairs that you could learn how to do. Check out the video for details.


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  1. silvia garcia mendoza May 13, 2020

    Exelente la forma de llevar los muebles, buen invento

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