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What is B2C marketing? Business to consumer marketing is when a business markets products to a consumer market not to another business (B2B).

Marketing is marketing whichever way it is done – well that’s what most people think but, business to business and business to consumer marketing are two entirely different ways of marketing, and must both be approached with different criteria. B2C is all about building relationships directly with consumers.

B2B describes the commercial transactions between businesses, such as those between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or those between a wholesaler and a retailer, where generally the total volume of transacted business is large.

Business to consumer marketing is when a business offers its products directly to the consumer market and where the consumer is the end user. Those products include clothing, electronics and food etc.

B2C Marketing – Targeting Your Market

The first step in either of these marketing situations is by identifying the customer, but from there on, the approaches become different.

The goal of business to consumer marketing is to convert potential purchasers into buyers as effectively and consistently as possible. To this end many means can be employed: coupons, promotional activities, special offers and sales and by employing strategic product placement within stores, if B2C is not employed on an internet marketing platform. Transaction time is short and it is essential to capture a prospective purchaser’s attention immediately, before he or she moves on.

The goal of B2B marketing is of course also to convert prospective clients into purchasers, but generally the process is longer, especially where capital equipment and high-end durables are concerned.

Offline B2B involves a lot more face-to-face relationship-building and marketing activities that can generate leads are often utilized during the B2B sales process.

Online B2C Marketing Systems

Business to consumer marketing is often product or brand driven, and very often purchases are made on impulse and there are a number of tactics involved in enticing a prospective purchaser to buy, especially online where competition is far more plentiful. Offline there is a constant ongoing battle between supermarkets and retailers, who are vying for cost-conscious purchasers, again coupons and in-store displays and advertising have to be used as enticements.

The majority of business conducted on the internet is run on a B2C basis; even informational websites that are not actually selling or promoting products will have advertising such as Google AdWords or affiliate links to relevant products, in the hope that they can make a few dollars to cover expenses.

Large well known websites such as have no need to employ any other types of advertising on their sites, but if you are a small website you are probably thinking about using some form of advertising on your site. This can be paid advertising through pay-per-click, affiliate advertising or you can rent space to other companies who can place their banner ads on your site, either on a paid basis, or through swaps. However you choose to employ B2C advertising, it is a good idea to keep an eye on stats, to see how effective those ads are, and to change them out as soon as you see they are not working.

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