The Best Tripods for Smartphones

In this video I go over the types of tripods I use with phones and smaller cameras, and talk about their differences and strengths. The Tripods: The Benro Slim: ...

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Top 10: Best Smartphone Tripods on 2019 / Mobile Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick for iPhone, Android

Top 10: Best Smartphone Tripods on 2019 / Mobile Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick for iPhone, Android 10:54 Outsolidep Selfie Stick Tripod, 52" Extendable Phone ...

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phone tripod stand
phone tripod stand

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  1. iPhone7 February 17, 2017

    Love it. It’s sturdy works very well with my iPhone 7. I haven’t tried it outside yet I’ve tried it in the house it worked for my needs thanks

  2. Sami March 4, 2017

    Great tripod. Worked awesome

  3. Essential March 10, 2017

    For the near perfect shot. I am so glad I bought this tripod for my phone. I like to film my workouts inn the gym to document my progress.
    And it was really hard to get the right angle without one. At the pricepoint , this is a steal if a deal. Pick one or few up while you can. They’re great.

  4. OGDIJ March 12, 2017

    Tripod Phone/Camera Stand. An excellent tool for video. It has a balance indicator so that you are sure your camera is level. I am pleased with this product.

  5. WillyT March 19, 2017

    Great Bargain. The stand works just fine especially for $13.00

  6. Kathy August 6, 2017

    EEEKit Professional Camera Tripod Monopod. I wanted this to help me with my You Tube videos but there are times where it won’t hold onto the phone and adjusting the angle to make the video is difficult. I like the size and how it works but it gives me trouble almost every time I try to use it.

  7. 4tgu67 September 3, 2017

    you get what you pay for. I’ve opened and closed it four times and it already broke. the legs don’t even lock open. Pay a little extra and get one that has a level bubble.

  8. iamcharlesb June 11, 2018

    Tripod Size…. Seeing the picture I had an assumption its so big but realized later it isn’t. It is my fault of thinking it so big. I want to return it but there is no return policy.

  9. TBaby July 31, 2018

    Perfect for my first tripod! Doesn’t take up much space at all

  10. reddawg August 27, 2018

    tripod. My wife uses this in her business on line selling make up. Does a great job for the money. Will buy again if need arises.

  11. Dazzly March 1, 2019

    I love it. It’s stable on the ground. not shaky at all

  12. westsacmama April 1, 2019

    Angling capability is horrible. It’s pretty sturdy but of no use to me. Unfortunately it’s horrible for angling a clear view of my face. I can do a better job holding my phone up myself. I bought this item for my YouTube makeup tutorials and I’m really disappointed. I’m going to just return this item and look for something better.

  13. ThePACMAN April 17, 2019

    Yes! It works very well for a smaller iPhone, however, you cannot
    place the iPhone in a vertical position on this unit. Not bad for the
    price, but it just does not fill the bill for what I was looking for it’s use.

  14. Olivia May 15, 2019

    Perfect, i bought this for my youtube videos, i usuay try to balance my phone on books and boxes and really anything in my room, this made it so much easier to just grab and record, its not extremely big so it’s easy to carry around and if i want it to be taller i sit it on my table and work from there, I’m just starting out and this is a great first tripod, can’t wait to record the videos i have been wanting to record for so long but just couldnt get anything to hold my phone or camera correctly for the right angle.

  15. danetty757 July 30, 2019

    Small but useful. My fault for not paying better attention to the height specs, but pleasantly surprised that it’s not as small as I initially thought when I opened it. The clamps make it really easy to make taller or shorter, there’s no assembly required. I did have to take the case off the phone so it would fit snuggly in the holder. It’s not super stable so gotta be careful where you stand it, but so far so good. It was really cheap and bought for making funny videos and taking selfies. It fold up real small and it’s light so looking forward to bringing it with us on next vacation!

  16. Vini November 15, 2019
  17. good December 31, 2019

    great tripod. its a great amazing stable tripod plus it comes with a carrying bag

  18. Jay January 5, 2020

    It came broken. It came broken! Besides that You get what you paid for

  19. Brian January 6, 2020

    I love my tripod and it is very useful to me and what I need it for. Just the Bluetooth remote doesn’t work with my phone.

  20. hggfft January 30, 2020

    Get some. Great price great for extras

  21. varjeet February 1, 2020
  22. Colleen March 7, 2020

    A+ Purchase. This tripod is so handy! I just downloaded the app and connected it to my bluetooth and I was done. I hope it works forever.

  23. Teri March 27, 2020

    It’s Ok. It serves purpose. it’s a bit wobbly. and my cell is a little on heavy side . so it doesn’t hold it up very well. but all in all a good purchase.

  24. Sayuli March 30, 2020
  25. Alexis April 1, 2020

    Yess. Loved it it was the best Tripod I’ve had in a hot minute cuz I used it for YouTubing subscribe to me at @ Dani Cohn

  26. Asher April 10, 2020
  27. OLDBARDUDE April 11, 2020

    waaaay too short. The “PROFESSIONAL”camera tripod and phone holder is only 1 foot tall collapsed and only 2 feet tall extended fully. it could only be used on a table top. What professional in his right mind would use it. It does hold the phone well, though
    I sure would like to return it but I don’t know how.

  28. MrArkansas April 13, 2020
  29. Kari April 14, 2020

    waste of money. this tripod is so chincy! It fell right over and wouldn’t even hold up my iphone!

  30. JoyForEver April 14, 2020

    Cheap quality and broken after using once. It’s broken after using once. Very cheap quality!

  31. Sharon April 17, 2020

    being 71 I was happy to not to have to hold the phone for video calling anymore…I bought one for my Sister and she is extremely happy with it too.

  32. Michael April 17, 2020

    Cheap. This is cheaply made and is only about 2 feet tall. If you only need it for a few uses it will work but will not hold up over time. I took the cell phone attachment and put on my camera tripod and it worked but I am looking for something a little more sturdy to hold up.

  33. Heather April 21, 2020

    Love it. Love it. Use it every day. Worth the money.

  34. Kassy April 24, 2020

    Good product, great price. Great value for the money!

  35. Toni April 28, 2020

    Must have! This is the handiest little tripod for doing live cooking videos! Love it !

  36. marsha April 28, 2020

    CHEAP would be an understandment!!!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!!! very poorly made. Plus the product is NOT full size. Returning for refund.

  37. Oscar April 29, 2020

    Be aware that it’s small! It is a nice product, just be aware that the size could be smaller of what you think, to give you an idea the size it’s about a bottle of water.

  38. review April 29, 2020

    The one negative review had me worried but if you know what you are doing with balance then the tripod is wonderful. I used it for full photos of myself for a job and also used it to stream live. On both occassions it worked beautifully for the extremely low price it came for. Hint: two of the legs need to support the camera and the last becomes a kickstand of sorts.

  39. BiiBii April 30, 2020

    Junk! Its definitely misleading with ease of use

  40. Ace May 2, 2020

    little white grippers falls off all the time but still very useful!

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