Best Android / iPhone Charger Cables of 2017!

Welcome to my Top 5 Best Android / iPhone Micro USB / Lightning Smartphone Charging Charger Cables of 2017! Zeceen Zinc: UK: US: ...

The world's FASTEST phone charger (SuperVOOC explained)

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Best Wireless Chargers for Android!

Kevin takes a look at his 5 favorite wireless chargers for Android. Buy From Amazon: - Nexus wireless Charger: - Nokia DT-900: ...

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Last updated on May 11, 2020 9:14 am
phone chargers for android
phone chargers for android

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  1. iliketoeat January 25, 2017

    seems to work…. plug into pc, detects the andriod fine….just copy and paste the directory…

  2. Melvie January 27, 2018

    It is well constructed and works well. Unobtrusive in size and does a great job

  3. Amy July 6, 2018
  4. moseman November 19, 2018
  5. Donna December 9, 2018

    Good buy. So far it’s been very helpful when I use it in my suv….great price for what you get

  6. Grandpaengineer December 25, 2018

    Like multiple ports and right angle design. Multiple ports and right angle design very functional. Worked fine.

  7. BillsGadget January 1, 2019

    Wireless Receiver. Works good on my Samsung J7 Crown with the Atomi wireless
    charger. This charger stops charging when the battery is fully charged or things get to hot. I tried another charger and it charged fine, but didn,t stop when the battery was fully charged.

  8. DeluxeApartmentinTheSky February 11, 2019
  9. Nea February 14, 2019

    10 ft nylon USB charging cord. I love it so far.They seem to be very good quality products.

  10. Buckeye1001 February 18, 2019

    Excellent value for the price. Very satisfied. This variety pack helped me fill in a gap so that wherever I am I know I can charge all my USB devices. The product arrived quickly via the free shipping. Everything was included and I am happy with the performance of the chargers.

  11. pegmckpt February 20, 2019

    Works like it should. Nice long cord for connection. Also, the connectors are actually reinforce the less likely to crack and fray. I do sometimes get the message of slow recharging, and suggestion to use the original charger, put your course went kaput so that’s why I got these. But it does continue to charge consistently and you know if you’re using it at a place where you’re not getting up and walking around a whole lot it’s great to be connected and not lose your battery charge.

  12. Screwlessinnc April 7, 2019

    It works! It,s a charger, it works, not much else to be said!

  13. Disappointed May 19, 2019
  14. Sonnyg June 9, 2019
  15. David69 June 11, 2019
  16. Jimmy June 16, 2019
  17. Virgo3166 June 22, 2019

    Bad Idea. Worked while I was in hospital for 2 weeks, then quite. It was $20 then. Don’t buy these. Waste of money. Make them eat the cost.

  18. Roberta June 30, 2019

    Roberta. Arrived early. Works great. I have had zero problems with the product or my order. Very satisfied!

  19. ChasM August 15, 2019

    Great so far! Works great. Fast charging time. Two Micro USB plugs for handling various mobile devices is handy. Good price and delivered to home much in advance of estimated arrival date.

  20. Mike August 19, 2019
  21. MaggieZ August 22, 2019

    AGPTEK 3.0A Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable Fast. I’m not happy with this product. It says fast charging but it is no different than my cheaper (much cheaper) USB charging cords. I, however, do like the lited end so I can see in the dark if I want to charge before I go to sleep.

  22. LateAdopter August 23, 2019

    Does what it oughta. Arrived super fast, way ahead of the projected delivery date. It does everything it claims. I bought it primarily for the USB-Micro/USB-C adapter that it comes with since I have devices for both. No problems with the plugs. Cord longevity is yet to be determined, but it seems sturdy enough to last.

  23. Mommaw September 16, 2019
  24. dean September 18, 2019

    USB charger cable and air vent holder for charging. Haven’t used it yet. Bought for emergency– power outage and it’s for android phones

  25. RF September 18, 2019

    The cable is nice and the double connectors are very useful

  26. Jefferson October 16, 2019

    works better then the last one I bought and charges my Samsung J3 and Samsung charger. Seems a cooler then the last one.

  27. LADYMIST10 October 19, 2019

    Best buy ever. This is my second set I have purchased and we love these ,get to enjoy our electronics from anywhere in the room.

  28. LADYMIST10 October 19, 2019

    Best buy ever. These work wonderfully got 2 sets for myself and grandbabies and we all love them.

  29. Brina October 25, 2019

    It suck the charge out my phone. Instead of charging my phone, this charger suck the charge out of my phone. This is my second buy, I thought something was wrong with the charger so I ordered a second one and its doing the same thing. I can’t believe I wasted my money. Horrible buy.

  30. Woopdeedoo November 2, 2019

    Good Buy Carphone Charger. Good buy; car charger w/usb cables and regular phone charger to be used w/wall outlet.

  31. Carol November 5, 2019

    They come in handy when you need a long cable. I love them.

  32. Bluewhale48 November 20, 2019

    Not for Galaxy 8 phones!!! This cable does NOT fit my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone. It does fit a Polar A370 fitness tracker. Not why I ordered it. I will look elsewhere for a cable for the phone.

  33. Victoria December 6, 2019

    Very long good accessable cords. Only downfall is they tangle easily

  34. BargainGrasper December 15, 2019
  35. Bill December 15, 2019

    Look good so far. Arrived on time. Look good. Appear to be well made. Will see how they work when I need them. Not unhappy so far.

  36. Bonnie December 15, 2019

    Dont waste your money. It got stuck in the phone and broke when I tried pulling it out.

  37. Ray December 17, 2019
  38. Angeroann December 29, 2019

    Don’t waste your money does not work

  39. Nama January 11, 2020

    not happy person. Igot my order they do NOT fit my phone went to return and can not . NOT HAPPY PERSON

  40. shorty February 10, 2020
  41. Eric February 12, 2020

    Great bundle. My wife goes through chargers like it’s nothing.

  42. Saver February 27, 2020

    Fast shipping and exactly what I was looking for to replace my Google phone charger.

  43. KT February 28, 2020

    Very fast charger. Love this! Charges very quickly and I love the color! It was also delivered ahead of schedule.

  44. Alice March 10, 2020
  45. Nancy March 10, 2020

    Just what I needed. Works perfectly – even in the car charger. (The cord I had for that stopped working. Nice to have the cord be white so it’s easier to see – and remember to unplug!) All components work as they should, all are compatible as advertised, and all are new. The items were delivered 3 days before I expected them! An excellent purchase!

  46. thomas March 12, 2020

    Does not work tried 3 different phones. Took off cases still didnt work

  47. 3 March 15, 2020
  48. john March 16, 2020

    Just as Advertised. The description is actually what it is, unlike Amazon products. I bought a few from Amazon that were definitely not Pixel chargers or even Rapid Charging cables, as it was advertised. Thankfully, i came here.

  49. Ramon April 1, 2020
  50. PSTRAO April 1, 2020
  51. Tambo April 6, 2020

    Happy with my purchase. Fast delivery and charges my Google Pixel 3 just fine

  52. Sharon April 7, 2020


  53. jervon April 7, 2020
  54. Cochrane626 April 7, 2020

    I bought two of these chargers and neither of them works. The phone shows that it is charging, but the battery dies while it is plugged in. It rapidly loses its charge. Don’t waste your money on this piece of garbage.

  55. William April 8, 2020
  56. Himani April 9, 2020

    Wrong description. It was useless purchase as mentioned for Android phones but didn’t fit my nexus 5x

  57. Phyllis April 9, 2020

    Very slow charging it’s not worth buying

  58. Lissa April 11, 2020

    Best charger I’ve ever owned. So far so good. It charges my phone quick.

  59. z April 16, 2020

    I live with two cats that rips up wire’s it’s nice to have a braded Cord the 10ft Cord comes in handy since I make music the longer Cord the bettere

  60. Jeffrey April 18, 2020

    Cheap. RE the charger model TCBW-MOTV8, the end that plugs into phone does not attach securely and most time wiggles loose and does not charge phone. Would like a replacement but it’s too much trouble to send this one back.

  61. Teresa April 18, 2020

    Good so far especially for the price. Very good so far. Arrived fairly quick as well.

  62. onceadayinwalmart April 20, 2020

    Great replacement. Exactly as my OEM charger, with the exception of a black end where plug prongs were.

  63. LeLe April 21, 2020

    Strong and durable, sleek and stylish

  64. Crystal April 21, 2020

    Cord. Great quality, just shorter than I’d if liked

  65. Ethan April 21, 2020

    Did not work for my pixel 2. I think these are falsely marked as official. the fast charger did not get recognized at all by my Google pixel 2 phone. Unless there is something wrong with my phone, these do not work.

  66. Nicole April 21, 2020

    Chinese trash. Do not purchase if you are looking to avoid cheap Chinese garbage. Save your money. Zero stars.

  67. Veronica April 24, 2020

    Already broken. It already broke and I have had it a week

  68. Stephany April 25, 2020
  69. Carine April 26, 2020

    It works fine for the first couple day and now I am struggling to charge my phone. It goes off and on in terms of charging and doesn’t seem to be charging my phone anymore. kind of sad.

  70. Grace April 26, 2020

    not sturdy. broke on the same day when the date to return expired. I really liked this charger but didn’t even last a month

  71. tasha April 27, 2020
  72. tasha April 27, 2020
  73. Jacquelyn April 27, 2020

    Pixel 4 charger-good buy. Package arrived quickly. All components came as advertized. Good buy especially for the money.
    One caveat, USB-C to USB-C cable worked fine but the USB-C to USB-A did not. Issue was fixed quickly and the new cable works great.

  74. Natasha April 28, 2020

    Perfect! I bought 2 of these charger cords. I really like how long they are. They are perfect.

  75. Tiffany April 29, 2020

    Does Not Charge Well. They take an extremely long amount of time to charge phone. When talking on phone and this is plugged in, their phone still loses charge. Same with texting or using any app. It does not charge or keep phone charged when phone is in use. It takes a long time to charge when phone is not in use.

  76. Philip April 30, 2020

    Seems to make a better connection than my old one

  77. Michael April 30, 2020

    So far has enabled my phone to do rapid charging.

  78. Justine May 1, 2020

    Arrived not even in the package. Just coiled up with a twisty tie and tossed in an envelope, tried to use it and it barely charged my phone the cord kept falling out.

  79. TAMIKA May 2, 2020

    I bought 2 cords the pink 1 I bought I have to place a certain way in order for it to charge and this was straight out of the box. The second one a blue one I bought plugs in fits perfect I like the pink one BUT it didn’t charge my tablet. I tried using different adapters as well and it was definitely a cord problem waste of money

  80. L May 2, 2020
  81. DMJ May 4, 2020
  82. TragicallyHorribleBlund May 5, 2020

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