dry nut food is usually cooked by roasting and frying, which is easy to cause dry mouth and throat, and is not suitable for patients with throat diseases; preschool children, especially children under 3 years old, should take care of their parents when eating them, and it is better to crush the nuts to avoid choking into the trachea.


nuts contain a large amount of dietary fiber and oil, which can “smooth the intestine”. Diarrhea patients should not eat, and those with poor liver and gallbladder function should also be cautious to eat high-fat nuts.


high starch chestnuts are easy to be greasy, diaphragmatic and flatulent, so patients with poor spleen and stomach and loose stool should eat less. And because of the high carbohydrate content of starch nuts, generally speaking, it is high sugar content, diabetic patients should eat less.


peanut coating can increase the number of platelets and resist fibrinolysis. Therefore, it is advisable to peel peanuts for hyperviscosity patients.

in addition, cashew nuts and other nuts contain a variety of allergens, for people with allergic constitution, the body may have different degrees of allergic reaction, should be careful to eat. The above content of

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