in the past years often eat meat dumplings, egg yolk dumplings or jujube rice dumplings, presumably we are tired of eating it? “Life times” invited two nutrition experts to recommend their delicious and healthy zongzi.

ingredients: glutinous rice, big yellow rice, purple potato, purple rice, yam, taro, white kidney bean, lotus seed, fried sesame (three or four kinds can be selected according to personal preference, the same below);

Key points of operation: wash the purple rice and glutinous rice (brown rice is brown rice, it is better not to exceed half of the proportion, so as not to affect the taste) and clean them. After putting in half of the rice, the purple potato and other food materials are cut into small pieces of appropriate size or steamed and ground into mud. Add some sugar to make a ball filling shape, and then put them in the center of purple rice and glutinous rice. Comments on


: the dietary fiber content of traditional zongzi is low, and the sense of satiety is low. Therefore, the purple sweet potato and purple rice are rich in dietary fiber, contain a lot of vitamins, and can also improve the content of potassium and antioxidant components. And the taste of a little sand, slightly higher fiber ingredients together, make up for the glutinous rice single soft taste.

recommended by fan Zhihong, associate professor of School of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University: low fat and sugar free rice dumplings

ingredients: glutinous rice (big yellow rice), chicken leg meat, spare bone meat, stewed and rotten tendons, boiled sea rice, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, kelp, fungus, tremella fuciformis;

Key points of operation: the chicken, pork ribs, tendons, sea rice, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots and other ingredients cooked in advance and seasoned with a small amount of salt are cut into small dice of appropriate size and wrapped in zongzi. Comments on


: Traditionally, meat dumplings are made with half of the fat meat, or added with a lot of salted egg yolk. Generally speaking, it tastes greasy and has high fat and cholesterol content, which is not suitable for people with hyperlipidemia and gallbladder disease. However, if you use pure lean pork or beef for meat dumplings, the stuffing is hard after steaming, and the taste is not good. Compared with the traditional salty rice dumplings with half fat, this kind of mixed salty rice dumplings can inhibit the rise of blood lipid. ▲

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