is willing to spend hours in a long line for a cup of milk tea, and spend several times the price to buy from cattle for a snack Popular network red food is always able to attract many people to stop and taste with its unique charm

network red food hidden dangers, can not blindly follow suit! Why can


become Internet red food?


in recent years, in the food industry, many ordinary foods have turned into “serfs into online celebrities”, such as milk tea, cake, juice, etc., and their prices have suddenly increased. However, people who have eaten online red food all know that compared with ordinary food, the taste of online red food is not so ordinary that people can not rush to buy it. But why can online red food become the “hot money” in the food industry? In fact, the reason why online red food can attract the attention of many people depends on nothing more than marketing gimmicks, coupled with the psychology of consumers following the trend, which leads to the popularity of online red food. What are the potential safety hazards of


online red food?

carefully check, although the “fire” of online red food is very strong, but behind it, there are many scandals frequently exposed by the media: some online milk tea shops, in order to seek their own interests, will use moldy and black spotted fruits as raw materials; some online red food stores are divorced from industrial and commercial supervision, whether the processing methods of products are scientific, whether the processing equipment is clean, and whether the processing equipment is clean And whether the sanitary environment of the processing is up to the standard can not be accurately evaluated, which is very easy to hidden safety hazards!


in addition, many hand-made online red food, which is known as “no additive, pure natural, no preservative”, is actually a big hidden danger in diet. Today, some hand-made food, due to its “high appearance value” and “pure natural”, has been planted in various networks.

however, hand-made food is not healthier than the food on the production line, because the hand-made food does not contain preservatives, so it is likely to mildew. Moreover, the preservation time of the food is very short and it is easy to deteriorate. Coupled with the lack of standardized production technology and testing management, homemade hand-made food may cause human health problems. For example, in July 2016, someone in Luliang, Shanxi Province, was poisoned after eating homemade stinky tofu, and was sent to the intensive care unit at a cost of nearly 400000 yuan; in September 2017, Mr. Zhang of Xiangyang, Hubei Province, was temporarily shocked by the use of hand-made medicinal wine, and lasted for more than three hours Only after the rescue of normal!


can be seen from this, the lack of supervision of online red food, security risks are greater, it is not recommended to blindly follow suit to buy. In addition, some online red food stores fake queue, brush reviews, engage in marketing, selling concepts and other deceptive behavior, also seriously violated the “honest without fraud” traditional marketing concept, deceived the vast number of consumers, such online stores, not in serious business, but in the self destruction of the future!

therefore, we should not blindly follow the trend in the treatment of online red food. What the business says is not necessarily good. As consumers, we must not be blinded by marketing gimmicks!

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