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these days in South China has been like summer, the weather is sultry, mosquitoes, people are depressed. The only gratifying thing is that mulberry seems to be on the market ahead of time. Mulberry taste sour and sweet, with the role of Tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing blood and promoting body fluid. Even empress Xiaoxian, the wife of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, also liked to eat mulberry to recuperate. However, mulberry is not for everyone to enjoy.

what are the benefits of eating mulberry?

the efficacy and function of

mulberry 1. Mulberry contains high iron and vitamin C, so it is a good blood tonic. It can be eaten raw, soaked in wine or used as soup. Women postpartum hemorrhage, body deficiency and weak should eat mulberry, neurasthenia and insomnia, Qi and blood is often weak, so it is also suitable to eat mulberry. The effect and function of


mulberry 2. Mulberry can stimulate stomach secretion, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and improve sleep quality. According to nutrition, mulberry is rich in glucose, fructose, protein, lipids, alcohols, volatile oil, rutin, carotene, amino acids, vitamins, zinc, manganese and other trace elements.


and “Shanzhai mulberry” can kill mulberry. How to choose


to choose dark, big, full, soft and rotten mulberry. Because it is difficult to store, buy less at a time. It is recommended to buy in regular shopping malls, and it is best to have green food signs.

now some unscrupulous merchants sell horse mulberry fruit as mulberry. People who eat this poisonous plant will have nervous system symptoms in about an hour, such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and so on. Severe brain edema, respiratory depression and cardiac arrest can lead to death. If you eat Coriaria fruit by mistake, you must immediately induce vomiting, and promptly use sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) about 10 g dissolved in 500 g warm water or egg white by gavage, and immediately send the poisoned person to the hospital for rescue treatment.


should not eat mulberry. High content of “spkds” and “spkds” in intestines, which can cause diarrhea easily. Patients with diabetes should not eat “spkds” or “spkds”.


mature mulberry has high sugar content, so diabetic patients should not eat it.


in addition, mulberry is cold in nature and should not be eaten more. It is recommended to eat 20-30 pieces each time. Women during menstruation and the elderly children with relatively weak intestines and stomach should also eat less appropriately.

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