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mobile home door knobs
mobile home door knobs

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  1. Poindexter2148 February 5, 2012

    The positive: They are as described. Feel heavy and firm. Installed easy. Good feel to the handles and works great.

    The negative: They only come with three keys rather than four. The turn (lock) button on the inside is different than “normal.” When the button is up and down – it is locked. When it is side to side it is unlocked. The keyway may be different in looks and use if you have doors with different swings. My front door keyway is teeth of the key down. My rear door keyway is teeth of the key up. None of these are major problems. It will just take some getting use to. I wish you could turn the insides so the keyway would all be the same….

  2. print14me July 8, 2012

    Spend the extra dollars! Well I was locked inside my room for over 3 hours while my father tried fixing it. For some reason the knob would turn but the latch wouldn’t budge. We ended up tearing the whole knob apart and it still wouldn’t open! 3 hours stuck in your room cause of a cheap door knob while you have an appointment the same day stinks! We ended up having to take the whole door off all because of the latch!! Spend the couple extra buck and buy a better quality one!

  3. RexK February 19, 2013

    Good knob if you are selling your house right now! If you’re looking for something pretty and cheap, these fit the bill. If you want something with a finish that will last more than 6-9 months, keep looking. I bought these knobs (antique brass finish) a year ago and the finish is completely gone! The knobs that we never really touch (like the closet in the guest room) still look brand new. The knobs we touch every day (pantry, bathrooms, etc…) look horrible.

  4. lss4him June 25, 2016

    Everything I expected. With the name “Brinks”, I expected these to be of the best quality. I was NOT disappointed. I had no problems installing the door locks and love the brass finish. It’s just the look I wanted.

  5. Mainge October 11, 2016

    Trash. Bought one 2 months ago,got hard to turn, thought was a fluke, got another 2 weeks ago same issue , the original one these replaced worked 4 years no issue.

  6. BigG November 16, 2016

    Brinks locks. Very good product and easy to install.

  7. cf8geek January 24, 2017

    Works as intended. For the price, there’s not much to complain about. One of the goofy things about it, though, is this doesn’t support “reverse” doors like most locks; you just have to flip the lock upside-down in order to get it to fit on doors that open a certain way.

    Most locks you can keep it either teeth-up or teeth-down regardless of how the door opens/closes; these, the way your door opens/closes will determine the orientation of the lock (teeth-up or teeth-down).

  8. GGGG August 19, 2017

    Would buy again! Purchased just about two months ago. Have had no problems and work perfectly fine. Would buy again. Easy to install. The cambo pack was very nice. We love having one key to open two doors

  9. rstellico September 28, 2017

    Door Knob Stainless Interior Lever Style. I was very surprised by the quick service and fast delivery. And the quality of the door knob lever was great and exceeded my expectations. I had thought it may be one of those light weight inexpensive knobs. But this one was well made and sturdy and was easy to put on.

  10. MnTX2 November 30, 2017

    Functional. Knob mechanism feels a bit course when opening the door.

  11. Vinyard January 31, 2018

    Overall this is a good product. One thing I have come across is the latch assembly sticks out past the door and hits the strike plate. To make this clear it’s the latch sleeve that hits and drags on the strike plate.

  12. snnorton May 4, 2018

    It fits perfect. they were just what we needed and easy to install. Thank you

  13. LaSears June 21, 2018

    Everything was as described, easy to put together and finish was a great color.

  14. Joey July 19, 2018
  15. Korectfield September 5, 2018
  16. Cjsjm December 16, 2018
  17. garciatq December 17, 2018
  18. Unhappy March 6, 2019

    Horrible quality! One broke! The entire part where key goes fell out! Little springs and cylinders fell to the ground. Also only 3 keys. I will be returning. A big headache.

  19. thehardclose1 March 30, 2019

    Knobs. Send to be real nice and we’ll made don’t know about longevity though.

  20. Claud April 8, 2019

    Love them, very classy looking. Everyone seem to notice them.

  21. Mmmm April 30, 2019

    The Queen. I just needed replacements. So the set made it very easy to do. One key for both locks what’s not to love. Thanks.

  22. Steelbombers May 14, 2019

    It was ok up until i got to the last door knob. A screw wouldnt screw in. The screw was stripped out and no spare parts. So in normal sense if they dont fit the parts right at first you will have to take all of them back off to return because of no spare parts. It was very frustrating and i got very upset

  23. Caro May 24, 2019

    Great quality, easy to install. Arrived a day early yay!! Very easy to install. And I love the fact that they gave me 4 keys total so there wasn’t a need for us to make copies for our high schoolers.

  24. URSDOW June 6, 2019
  25. LostAnalyticalDude June 19, 2019

    Upscale Mobile Home Door Knob, Easy Access! Nice look and feel to it. Well made. Will buy more of these over time. You might have to make the cylinder hole bigger with a rasp
    as I did but that is no problem. Decent price, Fast shipping for a
    nice piece of hardware! Well Done!

  26. JNE July 6, 2019

    It’s Alright. Somewhat easy to install. A bit hard to put the knobs into each other. One of the deadbolt keeps getting the key stuck into it, so I had to remove it from the door. I had to bang the deadbolt against my table as I pulled the key out. The rest of the set, at least, are working fine and don’t get the key stuck into them.

  27. Sammy July 13, 2019

    Worst lock ever, boght two.
    Both stopped working and licked me inside the room within couple of days of operation

  28. Kastabas August 1, 2019

    Good price…Good Product! I had to replace my doorknob being that the previous one was from a cheap brand that was installed and was in terrible condition. So, I decided to just go ahead and replace two entry doorknobs with brand new ones that all shared the same key. The installation was pretty easy (being this was my first time actually changing a door knob and lock) and common sense to install. They look nice and they do not feel cheap as the previous door knob that I had. The price was pretty good for two doorknobs compared to other stores in the area. I am a happy home owner with my new door knobs/locks and I highly recommend this product.

  29. Redline August 1, 2019

    Not secure as you would think. Reading the comment before me I thought I would give a try at picking this lock. And sure enough, I got it open with the first 10 seconds and I havnt picked a lock in over 15 years. I dont think this lock has any of the modern security features used on many todays locks. Should really be giving it a one star

  30. Slim August 3, 2019
  31. Fiddler August 6, 2019
  32. EiaShopper September 19, 2019
  33. Shopper September 26, 2019

    Only half the set worked, but the knob and deadbolt that do work are good.

  34. Debbie October 22, 2019
  35. Paulntraci November 25, 2019

    Nice. Picture is wrong as the style I bought was lever and not round handled, but other than price I cannot complain.
    Installed them in the bathroom and they have held up well. Still functioning like they’re suppose to with no issues with finish.

  36. Tricia December 3, 2019
  37. Tricia December 3, 2019
  38. Idonthaveanicknameokay December 15, 2019

    It is a much needed improvement to the old lock set that I had.

  39. Whispspirit December 17, 2019

    Brinks rules. Needed new locks and I have always trusted brinks. Look and fit great

  40. selby December 26, 2019
  41. Kansas112 January 1, 2020

    Feel Protected! Easy to do! This is another first for me and something I have been putting off! But not anymore! This opportunity was a breeze and took maybe 5 minutes. The drive in latch was a little tricky for me only because I was unsure. The latch comes with two settings …..2 3/8 and 2 3/4. It just took a simple measurement. All you need is a Phillips Head Screwdriver for the six screws included. Also it comes with a weather resistant seal that you peel off and apply to the outside knob. And there are two keys included. It’s a small investment that gives me peace of mind and I feel secure. I like this a lot! So no more putting off!

  42. Pumpkin91509 January 1, 2020

    Easy enough. This door knob seems easy enough to install. My husband is going to be the one to install it. He says it has all the required parts and it is not difficult looking to install. We don’t have the door yet that we want to install this on. So I am including a picture of it inside the Box.

  43. LuckyJackie January 1, 2020

    Works great! Having never changed a lock before I was a little apprehensive about taking on the task but I have to admit that with this kit it was no trouble at all. The door handle and lock seem very sturdy and secure and the installation was not difficult at all.

  44. snoozin99 January 1, 2020

    Quality Doorknob, No Plastics, Lifetime Warranty! Solid Quality Doorknob, No Plastics, Lifetime Warranty!

    Hyper Tough Keyed Entry Tulip Doorknob, Stainless Steel!

    In my years owning and buying locks you can seriously tell the differences between cheaper type doorknobs, and with this doorknob assembly you can instantly tell it’s made super well. There are no plastic bushings or any plastic at all in this door lock assembly. I totally love this lock assembly and have been using the hyper tough brand for years. They totally hold up and work super well, this lock is no exception to the rule!

    The door lock assembly is super easy to install, its literally just 4 screws and you’re done. The instructions are super easy to follow, and it took it just under 5 minutes to put this one in my door. The doorknob lock assembly is under a full lifetime warranty as well, and in my opinion that alone just shows how awesome this lock is. The doorknob assembly is brushed stainless steel, and I just love the way it looks, it’s a super nice addition to any door it’s used on. One last thing is this doorknob can be used on exterior or interior doors!

    Full Lifetime Warranty, Very Appealing Looks! Super Good Quality! I love this lock assembly and I’m sure it will be a very long-lasting doorknob assembly! Highly Recommended for sure!

  45. Cibele January 1, 2020

    Great and stylish doorknob. The door knob kit comes with everything you need including two screws for the knob assembly, two screws for the latch, a strike plate and two screws for the strike plate. It also comes with instructions. Easy to installation .
    It is very stylish and appears to be quite durable.
    Assembly was super easy. Once I had everything unpacked it took me about 4-5 minutes per door including disassembling the previous door knob and strike plate.
    This is a great addition to our home style and blended well with various other door hardware around our house. I highly recommend it.

  46. mitch1950 January 2, 2020

    High Quality Keyed Entry Doorknob. I am very impressed with the quality of this keyed doorknob. It comes with everything you need to install in your entry door (you only need a screwdriver) and the instruction sheet walks you through the installation. The instructions are VERY well written with excellent illustrations. I have used several other keyed entry Doorknobs that were not as well made as this one and only lasted for a short time before they broke or failed. If you need a replacement Keyed Entry Doorknob that is VERY WELL built and produced by a company that can be trusted, BRINKS, this is for you.

  47. ADushNJ January 2, 2020

    Nice looking doorknob. I used this to replace the door knob that was on the door leading into my basement. The basement doorknob is a nice replacement for interior doors. It is all metal and looks good as well. Installation was very easy and took me less than 10 minutes. You just need a star screwdriver and nothing else. If your previous lock had a different shape you will need a chisel to carve out some portions of the door like I did. Overall great lock for indoors. Not sure how this would hold up for entryway doors.

  48. 19481955 January 3, 2020

    Sturdy and well built. This Hyper Tough brand keyed entry doorknob is nice looking and the mechanics works quite well. We installed it on the back entry door of our restaurant to replace a knob that was getting worn and a little sticky when opening. This stainless steel knob is very smooth and the key can be inserted with very little effort and turns the lock smoothly. The outside knob does not have any play in it but the inside knob has some play but not a big deal as it is on the inside of building and not too many people are trying to break out of our building, so it should hold up just fine. Installing was a snap as it has visible screws, that are on the inside of building, for attachment, unlike some of those hidden screw doorknobs and fits a door that is 1-3/8 inch thick up to 1-3/4 inch and the adjustable latch fits a 2-3/8 inch or 2-3/4 inch backset.
    Very pleased with the doorknob and expect to get years of service out of it.

  49. FrenchFries1105 January 3, 2020

    Keep Out! Good evening! I am happy to be able to review the Hyper Tough Keyed Entry Doorknob. The stainless steel finish gives it a nice smooth feel. It was very easy to assemble and it came with all of the parts, lol. If you’re looking for a decent doorknob that can also keep out unwanted guests, then this is your doorknob. I strongly recommend it.

  50. J January 3, 2020

    Door knob. Well, I don’t know if it came bent or I did it but this would not work. I was replacing my bathroom knob so I was quite careful to see how it all went together! Once I got everything lined up, I could not get the screws to go in. I tried for like an hour & finally walked away. When hubby got home he looked at it and said it’s bent. So, no new knob for me.

  51. SandorsChickens January 4, 2020

    not recommended for exterior. I really hate to leave a negative review on this product as it would be an excellent secure doorknob choice for an interior door. It is implied on the box that can be used for an exterior lock.

    As an apartment maintenance tech, I have several years of experience gaining access through these types of locks and deadbolts. This one fell short on every test I put it through. I was able to open it using several methods of entry I’ve learned through the trade over the years. For security reasons, I cannot recommend this lock based on the advertising.

  52. Tjoens January 5, 2020

    Easy To Install. This Nickel door knob was easy to install. We put this on our laundry room door, to replace an old brass door knob, from the 90’s. This fits a standard interior door (we tried it on our bathroom, as well). The inside door mechanisms are all metal and strong. This took about ten minutes to install. The only reason I am not giving it five stars, is because the outside door release hole, came with a specialized pin. I tested the release to make sure I could open the door, if it was accidentally locked. I found it hard to find the groove, with the mini pin provided, to unlock it from the outside. My concern is, that if there ever was an emergency, and someone was trapped on the other side of the door and a child needed to open it, I am not sure they would be able to figure that out, even if they had the specialized pin. The doors I have in the rest of my home, are much easier to open from the outside.

  53. JoniShopsWalmart January 6, 2020

    Brink’ s Keyed Entry does not disappoint. I have always had good experience with Brinks hardware and the Brink’s Keyed Entry Mobile Home Doorknob, Bell, Stainless Steel Finish was no different. The style and finish of the doorknob complement any door material and related hardware and provides the level of confidence in the security provided.

    I cannot say too much about a doorknob except that it was easy to install and sturdy. The instruction provided was on-point and was not cumbersome for me to install on my own. Since this was a replacement, I was just as pleased with this Brink’s Keyed Entry Mobile Home Doorknob, Bell, Stainless Steel Finish.

  54. Savvy January 7, 2020

    Very strong and well made. I installed this keyed entry doorknob on my garage door entry way and am really happy with it. It was very easy to install. I like how it looks and also it is easy to lock and open.

  55. JimmyAna January 7, 2020

    Bathroom and Bedroom with locking door nob. This interior locking nob for the bathroom or Bed room
    made with durable materials, light weight and very
    easy to install. This ball nob comes with a interior turn
    lock fitted inside the bathroom side exit and
    accompanied with privacy key including adjustable latch,
    Kkkk Satin nickel elegant finish adding a final sharp
    custom look that looks nice in our home. In addition,
    we like the full lifetime warranty and would recommend
    this products.

  56. chris4421 January 9, 2020

    Brinks the right tool for the right job. Brinks what else can I say. This Brinks mobile home keyed entry door knob for a mobile home it’s just that for a mobile home it’s four-way adjustable latch fits any 2 3/8 to 2 3/4 basket. Fits in any door 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 . This is a Brinks so it has a lifetime warranty anyone who knows brinks knows this is a good product.

  57. kelleysdiy January 10, 2020

    Excellent Product & Quality! We just purchased this home and have been busy upgrading and replacing all the locks and doorknobs in the home. I love the modern look of the stainless steel and was so happy when I received this beautiful keyed doorknob with the tulip design. I love the look of it’s sleek design.
    My ‘new’ home still had the original doorknobs dating to the 70’s. Big and bulky, and a gold color that had seen better days. I mention this because the latch plate hole that was already on the door was too small and needed to be made a bit bigger. I had a file, but if you can use a small cross cutting hand saw too. I cut a little at a time, being careful not to make the hole too big. Although the hole was in a rectangle shape, and the new is rounded, it still works perfectly. I will go around the edges with wood filler, and you won’t notice the difference.
    The doorknob’s mechanics are perfect. Easy to lock and unlock with the keys that are provided. All in all this is a excellent quality doorknob that looks so modern and pretty on the door. Just gorgeous!

  58. Molly January 12, 2020

    Works great. Got this doorknob for free for an honest review. I’m not too familiar with this brand but it seems to be pretty popular at Walmart. The doorknob is just as expected, came in box with instructions on how to install and maintain. Came with a key which if needed you could make a copy for emergencies. Was not that hard to install. Simple lock , not complicated . Would definitely buy more from this brand as it is very affordable and good quality.

  59. NotHandy January 13, 2020

    So easy to install! Very easy to install it only took 5 minutes, no drilling new holes.Fits perfectly in a thinner door, although it is recommended for a mobile home we used it on our garage door and it fit perfectly. It comes with two keys. Great ease of use no issues with it jamming like our old lock. I could not be happier with this lock it is good quality, fits and functions well. It’s a big improvement over the old worn out lock it replaced.

  60. Amy621 January 13, 2020

    Great product! This Hyper Tough brand keyed entry doorknob couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The front door knob of my house broke and would not lock anymore. I promptly installed this in it’s place as soon as it arrived. This stainless steel knob is very easy to install. The doorknob feels very sturdy and well made. The knob turns smoothly. The keys also work great as well. They slide into the lock smoothly and turn easily to lock or unlock. The door knob is nice looking. It is made solid to last, there are no plastic parts. The door knob seems very secure. It has s lifetime warrantee. This is a great product. I am very pleased with it and feel confident recommending it.

  61. Korectfield January 14, 2020
  62. Wanzy January 16, 2020

    Wonderful Door Knob. I must say that I am so happy these door knobs were available. The door knob on my master bathroom door is just gross. Someone decided to replace the inside portion of the door knob but keep the outside 40 year old beat up portion of the knob. Who replaces one half a door knob. The thing is so tarnished that I don’t even want to touch it.

    The look and feel of this door knob is great. It’s just the right size for a bathroom door. The kit supplies you with a square edge faceplate or a rounded edge faceplate. The door knob also comes with a privacy key in case you lock yourself out of the bathroom. There is also a very detailed page of instructions to guide you through installing this easy to install door knob. If you want to put this door knob on a door that has never had a door knob on it, the instructions also provide detailed instructions along with helpful illustrations to guide you through installing your new door knob. This door knob is really easy to install and I was able to install it in just a few minutes. This door knob is smooth to the touch and opens smoothly as well.

  63. IrishBoysMomma January 16, 2020

    Interior Locking Doorknob. Brinks is a staple name you can get behind in the security world. Very well known so immediately, you feel more secure. The doorknob is made of a great quality, heavy duty material. It feels smooth and durable in your palm once installed. Installation is so quick and easy, with only one tool required. No complicated instructions or extra tools necessary. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Everything about the knob and locking mechanism works great. I highly recommend this brand.

  64. Emilou02 January 17, 2020

    Very nice door knob. I really like the simple and classic look of this door knob. We are working on replacing all the old door knobs throughout our home and this style is perfect with so many different home decor styles. It was easy to install as well!

  65. Sunshine February 4, 2020

    Better Security than usual mobile home doorknobs. Over the years I have replaced my doorknobs. These Brink’s Keyed doorknobs are much better quality than any I have ever had. They are made with much better material. I have dreads had a slight loosness in the door closing. Now my doors are right like they should be.

  66. Larry February 14, 2020
  67. Jenise March 30, 2020

    Well I’m looking for new door handles ……. but I will never buy these …… what makes you want to buy these if the warning says contains led!!!!! …. which creates cancer as California state law …. and also read up on it…… just cause its the best name brand you think you can buy…. theres no limit of lead to think itll be fine !outta here i would rate this as a negative! Brink has enough money to make door knobs without it!! 🙃

  68. tracymm April 15, 2020
  69. christie April 16, 2020

    Dont last long.. Do not buy these. They do not last very long. We went through 2 deadbolts and the the whole inside comes out in pieces when trying to lock it after so long. Money wasted on these locks!!!

  70. Lilian April 16, 2020
  71. Eric April 17, 2020
  72. Lataisha April 26, 2020
  73. Valerie May 1, 2020

    Speedy delivery. Just as described. Looks great

  74. Patrick May 3, 2020

    Very durable construction, easy to install and looks good!

  75. Tricia May 3, 2020

    Perfect. Looked great. Ordering more.

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