in recent years, “milk tea” has become a popular drink. According to statistics, China’s tea market scale has reached 53.7 billion yuan, tea shops have broken through 400000, milk tea has become a “popular product” in the catering industry. The so-called “milk tea”, as the name implies, is to add fresh milk to tea drinks. In order to increase the taste, some businesses will add ingredients such as pearls and fruits, and even add flavorings such as saccharin.


milk tea has a sweet and delicate taste, smooth taste and pleasant taste, which can bring pleasure after drinking. Walking in the streets, we can always see the figure of milk tea shop. Its fresh color and sweet fragrance seem to wave to passers-by. Under its temptation, many people can’t help but order a cup and enjoy the happiness it brings to the body.

however, although milk tea is good to drink, it will virtually destroy your health after it is eaten. Therefore, we must not be deceived by the appearance of “human and animal harmless” of milk tea!

network black tea has health risks, do not blindly follow the trend of drinking milk tea!

first of all, let’s know the “ancestor” of milk tea. Milk tea first appeared in pastoral areas and alpine areas. It is often made of tea, fresh milk and salt. It has high nutritional value and has the effect of keeping warm from cold. However, the development of milk tea has changed completely.

first of all, talk about the ingredients of milk tea. On the market, the materials used in milk tea are not fresh milk and tea, but milk powder and tea bags. The ingredients used are sugar and syrup. Some businesses even use tea extract, tea powder and milk essence to make drinks. Among them, tea powder contains a large amount of caffeine, excessive intake will affect the nerves, causing tachycardia, insomnia and other symptoms; milk essence contains trans fat, excessive intake can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Secondly, in order to save costs, some businesses will use rotten and deteriorated fruits as raw materials for milk tea. In recent years, there are more and more news reports about the use of deteriorated fruits in milk tea shops. If moldy fruits are eaten by people, they will cause virus infection and easily induce abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.


also, in order to improve the “beauty” and “gold content” of milk tea, many businesses will add milk caps, pearls, ice cream and other ingredients to the milk tea. These foods are processed food, with very high sugar and fat content. After eating, the body heat can be increased. Over time, it is easy to cause body fat.


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of course, the adverse effects of milk tea on people’s health are more than the above points. In this age of relying on milk tea “to continue life”, many young people know that milk tea is not healthy, but they are still enthusiastic about it, one cup a day. However, considering the health problems, Xiaobian suggests that everyone should drink less milk tea. If you really want to drink it, you’d better choose milk tea with high brand reputation, or use fresh materials to make milk tea, so as to reduce the harm of milk tea to the body.

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