Recently, it was reported in the media that Mr. Liu in Hubei Province blocked his stomach by eating zongzi and vomited frequently. It is understood that Mr. Liu had a history of pylorus ulcer and ate two meat dumplings at one breath, resulting in frequent vomiting that night. Hospital gastroscopy found that Mr. Liu pyloric ulcer recurrence, obvious pyloric edema, a ball of white food (suspected dumplings) blocked the entrance to the quiet door. Although


dumplings are delicious, they should also be restrained and should not be greedy. In addition, we should pay attention to some taboos of eating zongzi. Let’s take a look at what we should pay attention to when eating zongzi with Xiaobian.

1. Do not eat

when zongzi is not ripe

looks at the delicious rice dumplings in front of their eyes, curling green smoke, fragrant leaves, people can’t help but think “eat while hot”, little did not know, zongzi is to slowly boil in a small fire to really cooked, and not cooked dumplings not only taste bad, but also very difficult to digest, produce a great load on the stomach.

2. Eating rice dumplings should not be too fast or too much

has some dyspepsia due to eating too fast or too much rice dumplings every year, and even similar suffocation events. Especially for the elderly and children, due to poor digestion ability, it is extremely easy to eat fast or too much and cause great physical and mental harm. Jiajiafu food company reminds you that when eating zongzi, it is best to add tea and chew slowly Try zongzi and drink tea at the same time, which is helpful for swallowing and digestion. Moreover, eat a little less each time. Since the main raw material of zongzi is glutinous rice, which is very difficult to digest, it is recommended to eat Mini zongzi.


3. Can’t eat the rice dumpling

which has been stored for a long time

homemade zongzi has not been vacuum treated, and its shelf life is extremely short. If it is hot, it is best to eat it in time. In case of failure, it should be stored in the refrigerator. However, it is best to eat it in 4 days and cook it again. If it is not hard, there is no taste of zongzi. Of course, if you are ready to store more time, you can choose vacuum packed zongzi, its preservation period is generally 180 days.

four, the following three kinds of people should not eat rice dumplings

1, cardiovascular patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease eat more, can increase blood viscosity, affect blood circulation, increase the heart burden and ischemic degree, induce angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

2. Gastrointestinal disease patients: zongzi steaming will release a gelatinous substance, eating will increase the load of digestive enzymes. The glutinous rice in zongzi is warm and stagnant, containing plant fiber, which is more and longer. Suffering from stomach disease and duodenal ulcer patients if gluttonous rice dumplings, it is likely to cause ulcer perforation, bleeding, make the disease worse. Diabetic patients: zongzi often contains high sugar jujube, bean paste and so on. When eating, sugar is usually added to mix. If not controlled, it will damage the islet function, causing rapid rise of blood glucose and urine sugar in patients, aggravating the disease, and even dizziness and poisoning. If the rescue is not timely, there will be life-threatening. Therefore, Mingzu food reminds you that the above people must not eat with their own nature. If you really want to eat, try to eat less. The above content of

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