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in the eyes of gourmet experts, wine is also a good “seasoning”, using it to cook, there are many advantages. First of all,


can replace part of oil to “wet” food materials, thus reducing oil consumption. Secondly, add wine when frying and stewing meat to remove the fishy smell and reduce the fat of the meat itself. Because the wine will react with the fat in the meat, it can help to dissolve the fat, and at the same time generate esters with special aroma, making the dishes fragrant but not greasy. Finally, cooking with wine also adds unique nutrients in the wine, such as antioxidants. Among them, different varieties of wine are suitable for different ingredients.


yellow rice wine, high temperature resistant, is mostly used to remove fishy smell. For example, when cooking hairtail and other frozen fish with heavy odor, they can be marinated with rice wine for more than ten minutes in advance. Generally speaking, light meat, such as chicken and fish, is suitable for white wine, while dark meat, such as beef and pork, is suitable for red wine. Beer’s natural malt flavor can be fully mixed with meat to make meat more tender, smooth and delicious, such as stewed chicken or duck with beer. In addition, beer is often used to make soup, such as beer chicken soup. ▲

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