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  1. upnsmoke hookahian May 13, 2020

    the books are from barns n noble one of the employees told me so they are good buy

  2. The J May 13, 2020

    Such a waste of time

  3. Zach B May 13, 2020

    i like selling old stuff, this is not for me.

  4. Daniel Moreno May 13, 2020

    Looking back n man they had so much disinfectant and toilet paper #2020

  5. redalgal16 May 13, 2020

    What barcode scanner do you use

  6. MrMoon_ May 13, 2020

    the food quantity is different because people used to go into these Dollar Trees and buy stuff then take it to their local Walmart and return it and make money. So now they make different quantities for these dollar stores.
    The books are color coded indicate the reason why they are being resold. I am not for sure for each color code. but some for example will have errors in spelling or words may even be missing. some of these books are dumped are the publisher because they are not selling. and I know some of the colors will indicate if these books have been returned in new condition, they sometimes come from libraries, prisons and other organizations that will get these on a lend or lease from the publisher.

  7. MinnieBear May 13, 2020

    Wow. You passed right by soaps and household cleaners. That's my bread and butter on Ebay.

  8. Noly 6 May 13, 2020

    if you aren't there for low profits then why go to the dollar store?

  9. Fernando Haro May 13, 2020

    ThriftSchool: Owes the dollar general stores and the dollar stores, so should buy from them stores 🤑🤑🤑

  10. TTDBooby May 13, 2020

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  11. jfp1128 May 13, 2020

    I love how he says the prices that aren't on the Amazon picture

  12. j v May 13, 2020

    the candy doesn't turn to poison after the expiration date.

  13. Michael S May 13, 2020

    Do you auction or “Buy it Now”?

  14. yaboii pizza101 May 13, 2020

    Goodwill is the best

  15. James Wilson May 13, 2020

    Making a $2-$3 profit is a total waste of time in my opinion

  16. Maysyn Nevares May 13, 2020

    What scam app do you use?

  17. Wei Chang May 13, 2020

    wow i just recieved 5K$ from zealassistant.com via paypay

  18. Kat and Cat May 13, 2020

    You don't have to sell online you know, you could sell this anywhere at your own price and just tell them you get them a the dollar store. At least that's what I would do

  19. Allabout Kiah May 13, 2020

    so blessed I am now able go on vacation all because of this GetPaidHome .c om

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