1. Increase the risk of breast cancer

women eat too much sweet food will increase the risk of breast cancer. Because a large number of sweet food intake, the body’s insulin secretion will increase, and the occurrence of early breast cancer requires a lot of insulin, which will promote the growth and reproduction of breast cancer cells, and increase the risk of cancer.


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2. Excessive intake of sweet food in women with


may increase the risk of vaginitis. This is because too much sugar intake will lead to high blood sugar and urine sugar, and the glycogen in the vagina will also increase. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, the acidic environment of the vagina will change. Pathogenic bacteria suitable for the growth of acidic environment will take the opportunity to reproduce in large numbers, which will cause vaginitis.


3. Women who eat too much sweet food can also lead to gallstones. Because excessive sugar can stimulate the secretion of insulin, resulting in bile cholesterol, bile acid metabolism disorders, easy to appear gallstones. Excessive intake of sugar can stimulate the increase of insulin level in human body, increase the secretion of insulin and catecholamine, increase the activity of sympathetic nerve and increase the tension of blood vessels, which may be one of the causes of hypertension. In addition, high insulin levels in the blood will also make the kidney reabsorb sodium and water, causing water and sodium retention in the body, increase blood volume and produce hypertension.

5. Lead to vitamin B deficiency

5. After people take sugar, they decompose sugar to produce heat. At the same time, their metabolites need vitamin B to participate in detoxification, and finally be discharged from the body. The long-term excessive consumption of sugar will lead to the deficiency of vitamin B group in the body, resulting in waste accumulation in the body; at the same time, it will negatively affect the metabolism of protein, fat, carbohydrate and energy conversion in brain and tissue.

6. Lead to calcium deficiency

a lot of sugar, but also excessive consumption of calcium in the body, resulting in bone decalcification, leading to osteoporosis or fracture. Therefore, women should eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, milk, beans and fish rich in high-quality protein in their daily diet.


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