has come to the mature season of litchi. The seasonal cycle of litchi is very short, and only one or two months of centralized listing. In May, early maturing varieties of litchi began to appear on the market, and from June, lychees with better taste will be on the market. Compared with apples, grapes and other fruits,


have many advantages, among which the most important point is rich in minerals, especially potassium, 151 mg per 100 kri, while Apple and grape are 119 mg and 104 mg respectively. However, still can’t catch up with the 256 mg of banana, but from the amount, eat litchi more than banana is very easy, so, litchi potassium supplement effect should be good. In addition, the B vitamins in litchi, such as riboflavin, thiamine, nicotinic acid, are much more than apple and grape. There are nearly 100 varieties of


. The most popular litchi variety eaten by northerners is “Feizixiao”. With the fame of Yang Guifei, this kind of litchi has the largest sales volume. However, many people do not know that there are nearly 100 kinds of litchi varieties. According to the mature season, there are also early, medium and late ripening. Yang Wenjiao, a national second-class public nutritionist of


, said that Conghua in Guangzhou is a famous “hometown of litchi”, and the most popular litchi varieties here are Guiwei and Nuomici. The fruit of Guiwei is more sharp, with prickles on it. The fruit is sweet and the core is small. However, the fruit of Nuomici is heart-shaped with strong sweetness and soft glutinous taste. Guiwei is a good variety of litchi. However, due to the problems of circulation cost and preservation period, it is generally sold in the Pearl River Delta. There are two varieties of Guiwei: Quanhong and yatoulv (there is a small piece of green on the top of litchi shell, just like a duck’s head), while duck head green is more popular.

litchi leaves the tree will quickly change the taste, to take advantage of fresh eating. In addition, the fruit into the dish is a special feature of Cantonese cuisine, such as litchi shrimp, the sweet litchi with the fresh smell of shrimp, very delicious.


carefully soak litchi in “fresh water”. Wang Nan, the national senior food inspector of


, said that as the “king of fruit”, litchi tastes sweet and sweet, but it also has the most stringent requirements for preservation. First of all, because of the high sugar content of litchi, after picking, the respiration of the fruit is stronger than that of the general fruit. Within a few days after picking, it will become “old and pale”. Therefore, after picking litchi, “color changes in one day, aroma changes in two days, flavor changes in three days, and color and fragrance disappear in four days.”. At present, there is no good method to keep litchi fresh for a long time.


generally pick medium well of the fruit and put them in foam bags with ice bags and then transport them to markets across the country. However, the skin of immature litchi is greenish green, which affects the sales. Some vendors will soak or spray litchi with “fresh-keeping water” (made by adding a small amount of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid water) to soak or spray litchi, so that the litchi turns into a good-looking red color. Be vigilant when purchasing. The normal mature litchi of


are usually green and red with irregular color distribution. If the whole body is red, some of the convex points on the shell are black, it may be treated with “fresh water”. It should be noted that lychees sold in large supermarkets are usually mixed with ice or placed in refrigerated cabinets, which is conducive to fresh-keeping. Litchi without low-temperature preservation measures is better to buy less.


a bowl of litchi mung bean soup in summer is also very refreshing. The simple way is to add litchi to mung bean soup instead of rock sugar in the final stage of boiling mung bean soup. The mung bean soup tastes sweet and contains rich vitamins. It is very good to drink in summer. Litchi is the best to eat now, but can not eat more, according to the individual constitution, less than a few, more than a dozen. The above content of

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