Can’t we eat after

exercise? Many people know to warm up before exercise and not to exercise on an empty stomach. They also know that when they are thirsty, they should drink water in time (preferably sports drinks). However, they don’t know that they can eat after exercise. If you don’t eat after exercise, it’s not easy to lose weight and lose muscle, but how to eat scientifically is very important. How does fat burn during exercise? In the early stage of exercise,


mainly rely on the original supply of energy stored in muscle. With the extension of exercise time, muscle glycogen consumption is more and more. At this time, blood glucose “tries to help” to provide part of the energy, but the ability of blood glucose itself is really limited, so it is necessary to mobilize the liver glycogen stored in the liver. With the extension of exercise time, liver glycogen is almost exhausted. At this time, the human body will feel more exhausted, and the exercise intensity will also decrease.

low-intensity exercise gives muscle cells sufficient breathing space. At this time, compared with before, oxygen supply is more abundant. Fat is expected to provide the main body of energy in this process, because fat combustion energy supply is very “hypocritical”, only oxygen can be provided, otherwise most fat can only “Watch the fire from the shore”, and only a small part of fat may snatch from it Take some oxygen and supply a small amount of energy. Therefore, in order to achieve the best effect of burning fat, first do strength training, then do aerobic exercise, is the most reasonable combination, which can promote the maximum combustion of fat.

2. After exercise, eat something to enjoy the joy of fat burning.

generally speaking, the energy consumption of exercise is not much, the average person in the gym exercise for an hour is equivalent to the calories of a dinner. Some people will ask, how can you lose weight by consuming so much energy? In fact, the key is that the metabolic level of the human body is significantly enhanced after exercise, that is to say, after the exercise, weight loss really begins, but this needs to be based on “eating well”.

After the

exercise, the original muscle glycogen stored in human muscle cells is consumed in large quantities, and muscle fibers are more or less damaged during exercise. If we can timely supplement nutrients at this time, we can not only timely supplement, repair and growth of muscle tissue, but also improve the metabolic efficiency of fat in the later stage, that is, the post combustion effect of fat. Therefore, when the muscles are “full”, they have the strength to work. In the later quiet time, they will consume more energy, which is to improve the basic metabolism of the human body. People with high basic metabolism will consume more energy than others even when they sleep, just like a Mercedes Benz, which naturally consumes more fuel. It is not so easy for such people to get fat.


3. Eat. Be sure to grasp the golden time after exercise.


eat after exercise. The earlier the exercise ends, the better, and at the latest eat within 45 minutes. Because within 45 minutes after exercise, skeletal muscle cells open the largest channel for nutrients such as carbohydrates and amino acids. If nutrients are supplemented in time, the quantity and proportion are right, the muscle repair and growth will reach the maximum speed. Once the “Golden Window” of 45 minutes is missed, most of the nutrient channels in skeletal muscle cells have been closed. Even if you eat a large amount of carbohydrate and protein diet, the speed of muscle repair and growth will be reduced by more than 50%. What is more disappointing is that most of these energy producing nutrients will be converted into adipose tissue for storage. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the timing of the first meal after fitness.


are for people with different exercise frequencies. For example, some people exercise every day for a long time, while others only exercise twice or three times a week. In either case, they need to eat after exercise. In particular, the less exercise the latter has, the greater the damage to muscle is in the process of exercise, and more timely supplement is needed. Of course, if some people’s exercise intensity is too small, for example, they don’t feel “strenuous” in the process of exercise, or the aerobic exercise time is less than 20 minutes, then they can’t get qualified exercise, and there is no big difference between them and general housework activities, so they don’t need to eat. What to eat? It’s necessary to eat


, but it doesn’t help to eat the wrong food. The basic principle of diet after full exercise is “high carbon water + high protein + multi mineral”, and the key is to avoid high-fat food.


however, it is worth reminding that people need to eat after exercise and how much they eat must be controlled. For the people who gain muscle, the total energy they eat every day is more than usual (when they don’t gain muscle); for people who lose weight, the total energy they eat every day is less than usual. Some weight loss people say that they may eat more calories after exercise than when they exercise? This is no problem, as long as he ate a day, the total energy control on the line. Therefore, the total calorie intake can be guaranteed after one day’s exercise.


recommend Food: Fruit block / Ding, coarse grain bread, energy bar, yogurt, skim milk, milk shake, fresh juice (with residue), jam, dried fruit, sports drinks (supplement water and minerals), a small amount of nuts, etc. Due to the weak gastrointestinal function after exercise, eating too much food (especially solid food) will affect absorption, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body. Therefore, small solid food and liquid food should be taken as the main food. These foods contain sufficient carbohydrate and high-quality protein, which are the two nutrients needed by the body after exercise. Eating together can promote muscle recovery and timely Supplement energy and lay the foundation for high metabolic rate and continuous fat burning.

these foods how to match, here is the secret. After exercise, you need to match according to the gold standard in the table below.

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