lemon has many benefits, such as whitening, weight loss, spot removal, teeth, body, hair, wrinkles and so on. In addition, what is the magic effect of lemon? Lemon peel is still very useful.

1. In addition to the fishy smell of kitchen utensils and tableware,

use a small bowl of warm boiled water to bubble up the dried lemon peel, and then pour it into the kitchen utensils or water cups with tea stains, oil stains, water stains, etc. after 4-5 hours, these stains will be wiped away. If the bottom of the pot turns black, put some lemon peel and add water to boil it. The bottom of the pot will be new and will not be oxidized for a long time.

3. Is there any yellow mark left by water dripping in the washbasin or bathtub? Don’t worry, wipe it with lemon peel and it will disappear.

4. Clean kitchen wall tiles

kitchen tile walls, accumulated over time will appear obnoxious smoke dregs, try to use lemon peel with a little salt to wipe it. This method can also erase the yellow mark on marble. Whether you believe it or not, fresh lemon peel can play a strong role in decontamination. Use lemon peel to wipe on the tap with scum or other metal hardware. Without any force, the stubborn stains will be dead.

6. It’s easy to get fishy, meaty or oily in kitchen cooking. You can’t get rid of the smell with soap or washing powder, but rubbing your hands with lemon peel is very effective. If you can bubble in lemonade, the effect will be better. Moreover, wipe hands with lemon peel, which contains lemon oil can make skin delicate and smooth. No matter how hard-working housewives, no matter how hard-working you are, will always upset you when you open the refrigerator door. So every time you use lemon for cooking or beauty, don’t throw away the remaining lemon peel. Cut it up, wrap it with gauze and put it in a corner of the refrigerator, which will make you feel happy every time you open the door of the refrigerator. Of course, remember to change them often.

8. Making ice cubes

when making ice cubes, point the lemon peel cut into shreds or dices in the ice grissa, which will make the ice more fragrant. You have a better partner for your afternoon tea, and the kids love it.

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