kiwifruit, also known as Kiwi fruit. This small hairy fruit is only the size of a palm, but its flesh is a treasure house of nutrition. According to a study published in the American Journal of functional food, kiwifruit is rich in dietary fiber and proteolytic enzymes, which not only can promote the fermentation of probiotics in the colon, but also has the role of prebiotics, which can effectively relieve constipation and protect intestinal health. For sedentary people and the elderly, eating one or two a day can effectively relieve constipation. The


intestine is one of the most laborious organs in our body. It has to process about 70 tons of food for the human body in its whole life. About 99% of the nutrients and 90% of the toxins need to be absorbed and discharged here. It integrates the functions of human gas stations and sewage channels. The gut is also known as the second “brain” of the human body. Thousands of kinds of bacteria parasitized in the intestinal tract are not only closely related to human immunity and metabolic capacity, but also communicate with the brain through the autonomic nervous system. It’s a pity that the colorful modern life, the spicy eating habits, and the daily life of going to bed late and getting up late, etc., have all shocked the orderly working bacteria in the intestinal tract, and the intestinal tract has been plagued by diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and even colon cancer, colorectal cancer and other diseases.

   The simplest way to take care of the intestinal tract is to “eat fruits every day with vegetables”. If you can ensure that you can eat one kilogram of vegetables and half a kilogram of fruits every day, especially eat foods rich in dietary fiber such as oats, buckwheat, beans, asparagus, celery, kiwi fruit and banana, it will play a very good role in maintaining normal intestinal function, improving immunity and reducing the occurrence of chronic diseases. For example, the U.S. Department of agriculture nutrition data shows that the dietary fiber content of every 100 grams of green kiwifruit is 3.0 grams, higher than that of apples, bananas and many other fruits. Moreover, kiwifruit is rich in two kinds of dietary fiber: soluble dietary fiber can absorb water, can be partially digested in the small intestine, and then further fermented and degraded under the action of bacteria in the colon; although insoluble dietary fiber can not be digested and degraded in vivo, it can significantly increase the volume of digested food, resist the invasion of gastrointestinal digestive juice, and reach the large intestine intact, Finally, it was discharged from the body. At the same time, another active substance protease in kiwifruit can accelerate the degradation of protein in milk, beef, soybean and other foods, further improve the digestion of other digestive enzymes in the human body, slow down flatulence and promote intestinal peristalsis.

of course, in addition to maintaining a balanced diet, we should pay attention to the following points: first, moderate exercise; second, maintain a pleasant mood; third, rational drug use. ▲

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