our dining table has been surrounded by out of season vegetables and fruits! Although we can eat rich fruits and vegetables all the year round, in nutrition, the most nutritious food is the seasonal and fresh food. Now is the most abundant season of fruit, which is the real seasonal fruit? With the development of


agricultural technology, food is becoming more and more accessible. Many consumers do not know what is the real seasonal fruits and vegetables. In fact, for the north, there are almost no seasonal fruits in late winter and early spring. Since May, strawberries and loquats are on the market. In June, cherries, Bayberry and apricots are eaten. In July and August, watermelon, litchi, peach and melon are enjoyed. Most fruits are mature in autumn. From September to December, fruits are the most abundant, with apples, pears, pomegranates, kiwi fruit, pitaya, grapefruit, orange and Dongzao on the market. These eight kinds of fruits are the autumn fruits we often eat.

apples and oranges in autumn are the freshest, and the quality and taste are also the best. However, it is a pity that some people like to buy apples, oranges, etc. which are put on the market in advance, and are not interested in the fruits listed in the centralized market. In 2013, the “dyed navel orange” event occurred in Gannan. Fruit growers began to ripen the green fruits, dye and wax them, and then put them on the market after November. Therefore, do not rush to try new fruits, navel orange is best to eat in November, orange skin smooth, pulp full, elastic, green.


are the picking period of Pitaya from the middle of July to the last ten days of November. This kind of fruit has a fresh taste and is rich in dietary fiber, which is very helpful to relieve the dryness in autumn. Dongzao began to appear on the market in October. The high-quality winter jujube tastes very refreshing. Moreover, the content of vitamin C is very high, and it is rich in a variety of micronutrients, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health.


pomelo is one of the best fruits in autumn and winter, and there are many varieties on the market, including Xiangyou, grapefruit, golden pomelo, honey grapefruit, ligxi grapefruit, etc. Grapefruit contains limonin analogues and naringin and other flavonoids, bitterness will be more prominent, but it is good for cardiovascular health, you can choose according to your own situation. The above content of

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