Many people in

think that if you eat three meals on time, even if your nutrition is up to the standard, in fact, you have only completed 60%. Dr Elaine Maggie, author of the best-selling nutrition book “food matching”, points out that people can get 40% of the extra nutrition by making small adjustments to the food on the table in five minutes, according to the US website “online medical doctor” on May 6.

breakfast: add “ingredients” to porridge. Milk, brown sugar, almonds, strawberries, yogurt can be added to the porridge. Congee is originally rich in B vitamins, which can help the body convert protein and sugar into energy. Add milk, can make protein complementary; add strawberry or other fruit, help the human body absorb more calcium; almond is rich in vitamin E, can become an important source of healthy fat in breakfast.

Lunch: no matter what your staple food is, try to find the following four kinds of food in the vegetables — chicken, spinach, tomato and garlic. Staple food with spinach to eat, can make the human body easily intake rich in vitamin A and vitamin K. Tomatoes, chicken and spinach contain B vitamins that act like a troika, helping to make red blood cells and prevent heart disease. Garlic can prevent infectious diseases.


Dinners: many people only pay attention to the amount of dinner, but the less should be the quantity, not the type. You can find 4-5 kinds of vegetables mixed into salad, then stew a dish with beans, potatoes, fungi and meat, and add some beans to the staple food. For example, whole wheat noodles with beans, a traditional Italian food combination, can absorb more plant fiber, protein, iron and calcium than noodles alone. ▲

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