remembers that when I was 8 or 9 years old, my father worked outside and brought home a bottle of bright functional drink. After drinking half a bottle, my tired father went back to his room to rest. I picked up the second half and drank it completely. I still can’t forget the sweet taste of energy drink for the first time, as well as the exciting feeling brought to the body after drinking it.

with the passage of time, I have become a girl in my twenties. Now, whenever I am tired and sleepy, I will think of the feeling of drinking functional drinks when I was a child. Then I can buy a bottle of functional drink from the shop and drink a few drinks, so as to refresh my spirit and continue to work. However, according to professionals, drinking energy drinks for a long time will cause a great burden on people’s health, which can not help me feel the lingering fear.

functional drinks, want to say love you is not easy! “Spekds” “tired, drink The advertisements on the TV screen hit the nail on the head, which seemed to give hope to all kinds of tired people, such as those who worked overtime and those who stayed up late. People think that a small bottle of drink can not only quench thirst, but also relieve fatigue. Why not? However, the harm of long-term consumption of functional drinks on human body is rarely known.

first of all, the ingredients in energy drinks can cause discomfort. The reason why energy drinks can refresh the mind is that caffeine, taurine, lysine and other additives are added. Among them, caffeine is a kind of nerve stimulant, moderate intake can help to alleviate fatigue, but if a large amount of caffeine is taken for a long time, it may change the heart function and cause arrhythmia.


a report from Australia and the United States shows that the proportion of caffeine overdose and negative effects of functional drinks is increasing in teenagers, and many people die of sudden death due to it. Not long ago, a 14-year-old girl in the United States suffered from cardiac arrest due to excessive consumption of energy drinks. Secondly,


are the second. There are many health hazards in drinking energy drinks regularly. According to a study in Canada, more than half of the respondents who drink functional drinks will have different degrees of chest pain, vomiting, increased heart rate, insomnia, headache and other reactions. According to research, long-term consumption of functional drinks is also associated with headache, sleep problems, stomachache and hyperactivity disorder, obesity and tooth decay. It can even affect cardiovascular system and induce arrhythmia. If taken with alcohol, it may even be life-threatening!


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functional drinks are only suitable for athletes, fatigue prone people and other specific groups or under specific conditions. Children and adolescents are in the development stage. If they drink energy drinks excessively for a long time, they may have an impact on their digestive system, kidney, liver and nervous system.


however, we can’t beat the energy drinks to death. Energy drinks do have the effect of inspiring spirit. As long as we control the degree, we can still experience the benefits of energy drinks. The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) recommends that caffeine levels should not exceed 400 mg per person per day and 200 mg per person for pregnant women, adolescents and patients with heart disease. The daily intake of caffeine for children under 11 years old is less than 105 mg.


of course, in order to protect the health of teenagers, children, pregnant women and other people, we’d better drink less energy drinks. When thirsty, we’d better use milk, mineral water and other drinks instead.

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