Why can’t

sprout potatoes? Many plants of


have the ability of self-protection, so do potatoes. In order to resist the harm of pests, potatoes will produce a substance called solanine for self-protection, which is toxic.

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once the potatoes we usually eat turn green and germinate, the solanine content in potatoes will rise, which is far beyond the edible range. Therefore, some people will cause food poisoning due to eating sprouted potatoes in our life. Moreover, solanine is very stable in the face of heat and cold, so conventional cooking methods can’t destroy it. Solanine is only near the bud when it starts to sprout. At this time, we can dig out the surrounding area, but many times we can’t judge the degree of germination.

therefore, for your own health, it’s better to throw away the potatoes after sprouting. Usually, the potatoes can be put into the bag and put in the refrigerator. It’s better to put some absorbent objects in it.


can also be eaten after sprouting. Because of the media reports on poisoning incidents of eating sprouted potatoes, many people now know that potatoes can’t be eaten after sprouting, but there are still many food materials easy to sprout in life, such as sweet potato, soybean, peanut, garlic, etc. can these food materials be eaten after germination?

1. Sweet potato

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sweet potato germination is not harmful to health, but the sweet potato must pay attention to its mildew, and the germination of sweet potato is easy to exist unchanged phenomenon, because the suitable environment for germination of mold itself is not often like, and at this time mold will produce a toxin, which will harm the health of consumers. Ginger, garlic and onion are used as condiments. This kind of plant will not produce toxin when it germinates. However, we should pay attention to the fact that this kind of plant will affect its taste after germination, and its own taste will become lighter.


3. Soybean

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soybean has very high nutritional value, but there are some substances in it that will affect the absorption of nutrients, and after germination, these obstructing substances will be decomposed instead of adding nutrients.

4. Peanut

if the peanuts are specially cultured and germinated, and then made into dishes, don’t worry about this, because the peanut buds themselves can be eaten.

but if the peanut that has not been shelled suddenly sprouts, it should be noted that at this time, the peanut shell is easy to be damaged, which will lead to mold invasion, pollution of peanut health, and even may generate a carcinogenic aflatoxin. Therefore, once the peanut that has not been shelled has sprouted, it is better to throw it away. If you want to eat peanut sprouts, you can Go to the supermarket and buy directly.

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