longan fire, eat one or two litchi may be on fire, and longan is warm, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

longan is on fire?


people can eat longan properly, which is beneficial to their health. However, if people eat longan too much, it will cause serious consequences. So, does longan eat too much and get angry?

believe that many friends want to know, longan eat too much will get angry? In fact, moderate consumption of longan will not cause a fire, but if people eat a large number of longan, it may become inflamed.

longan benefits

1: sedative, health care role

longan contains a large number of sugar, but also can be directly absorbed by the human body glucose, therefore, for anemia, frail people to eat longan is very beneficial, can tranquilize the mind, treat insomnia and other health effects.

2: moistening lung and appetizing


contain an ingredient, which can drive away intestinal leaf parasites and Schistosoma, improve appetite, appetizer and invigorate the spleen. Therefore, eating longan can be greatly improved for people with poor appetite.

3: Nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, moistening and beautifying

longan is not like litchi, but hot in nature, and it is also a drug product. It has the functions of Nourishing Yin, tonifying kidney, moistening skin and beauty.

4: prevention of cancer, anti-aging effect.

longan contains protein, organic acid, crude fiber, etc., it can improve the activity of antioxidant enzymes, so it has a certain effect on anti-aging, but also can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and improve immunity and resistance.



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