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according to the Japanese livedoor website on May 27, women often have the desire to eat sweet food, but this is actually due to their nature, can not do things. When the stomach is a little hungry, women will especially want to eat bread, cakes and other convenient sweet food to meet their empty stomach feeling, which is caused by the rapid rise of blood sugar value. And recently should often be able to hear the blood sugar value sharp rise is the reason for obesity?

when you eat foods that contain a lot of sugar over a period of time, blood sugar levels will rise sharply. At this point, whether you get fat or not is more closely related to sugar than the calories you eat. If you suddenly eat a food with high sugar content, the glucose converted from sugar will not be absorbed by the body as nutrition, but will accumulate as subcutaneous fat. And once the sugar intake is too much, let the fat pile up, the body is very difficult to consume the fat. When


lose weight, even if you pay attention to the amount of calories you need to eat in a day and limit your eating out, if you skip breakfast and lunch and eat cakes and other sweets directly, your blood sugar value will rise sharply, and the excess fat will still accumulate. If you pay attention to the amount of sugar intake, you can make the glucose more effectively absorbed by the body.

as mentioned above, we need to pay attention to the sudden intake of large amounts of sugar, blood sugar values rise rapidly. The amount of sugar intake is not mandatory. In eating, eating bread, blood sugar values will generally rise. However, if vegetables and protein are taken together, the blood glucose value will rise slowly within 20-30 minutes after meal, which can effectively inhibit the sharp rise of blood glucose value.


women usually take 4-5 hours to fully absorb glucose and stabilize blood glucose value after eating. Men often spend 6-7 hours. And women spend less time in the period before they enter the physiological period, about three hours. So, for women, the time it takes to become hypoglycemic is very short. That’s why women feel dizzy if they don’t eat sugar. That’s why women can’t help but want to eat sweets. In fact, in addition to rice and bread, other foods also contain trace amounts of sugar. Instead of eating rice and bread, drinking drinks, eating cheese and nuts and other supplements to your own nutrition should be better. Before the physiological period of


, women are prone to hypoglycemia. Lack of zinc and iron intake, easy to cause anemia. It’s another thing to suddenly take in a lot of sugar when you’re hypoglycemic. Therefore, if the intake of sugar has been insufficient, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia not only leads to low concentration, numbness of limbs, general fatigue, but also makes you sleepy. If it’s more serious, it will make you anxious, depressed and prone to panic, which is very bad. Don’t hypoglycemia, don’t let the blood sugar value rise too fast, the degree between this, please take good advantage of it!

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