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sausages and sausages are edible sausages. It sounds like they are very similar, and many people will confuse them. But in fact, they are quite different, not only in the production process, but also in the taste. What are sausages and sausages?

sausage: refers to the sausage products which are made of meat as the main material, mashed into mud and mixed with part of starch, which can be eaten directly.

ham sausage: it is made by mixing the cured ham into mud, adding starch and pouring it into the casing. It is the same as sausage, and can be eaten directly.

2. The difference between ham sausage and sausage

1. Flavor: sausage has a special smoking flavor, which is due to its smoking drying process, while ham sausage is not.

2. Processing technology: ham sausage belongs to high-temperature meat products, which are packaged meat products cooked at 121 ℃ with long shelf life; while sausage belongs to low-temperature meat products, which are pasteurized with lower sterilization temperature, generally 68-72 ℃. In addition, sausage has the technology of enema, that is, the meat is poured into the casing; while the ham sausage is not. Raw materials: ham sausage on the market contains less pure meat and more additives, so it is a low-grade product. However, the meat content of sausage is high, and the raw material requirements are strict and relatively high-grade. Storage: ham sausage can be stored at room temperature, while sausage should be stored at low temperature to ensure the shelf life.

3. Sausage and ham sausage production method

1. Ham is made of high-quality pig leg through pickling, washing, shaping, fermentation and other processes;

2. Sausage is made of pig sandwich, lean meat of hind leg and part of fat meat. Because the seasoning is well prepared and the technology is fine, the sausage is beautiful in color and delicious in taste

3. Ham sausage is mainly made of livestock and poultry meat, supplemented with fillers (starch, vegetable protein powder, etc.), then seasonings (salt, sugar, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc.), spices (onion, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, Amomum, big seasoning, pepper, etc.), quality improvers (carrageenan, VC, etc.), color protecting agent, water retaining agent, preservative and other substances are added, and salting, chopping and mixing (or emulsifying) are adopted High temperature cooking and other processing technology.


can be seen from the above contents. In addition, ham sausage is added with more additives and spices, which is harmful to health. For sausage, if it is home-made, you can rest assured to eat, but also pay attention to the amount of consumption.

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