we usually find lots of nutritious flavored water on the shelves of grocery stores. Are these nutritious flavored water really better than a glass of water with lemon juice for your diet? Many drinks promise a lot of health benefits, such as providing more energy and better exercise performance to enhance the body’s immunity. The most popular one is alkaline water, which claims to bring certain benefits to human health by controlling the pH value of water. However, none of the current statements on strengthening aquatic products can be confirmed by rigorous research.

in fact, Coca Cola is the parent company of vitamin water. In 2016, the company voluntarily agreed to delete the statement on its product label to end the public interest lawsuit filed by the center for public interest science seven years ago. Does the water in the bottle really cause some problems? Some products contain unnecessary nutrients. For example, most people who exercise on average don’t need electrolytes, exercise water and other drinks like athletes, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

and other products contain excessive nutrients. In a study, researchers tested 46 kinds of beverages and found that most drinks have at least one nutrient that the human body needs more than the daily requirement. However, most Americans do not lack vitamins except vitamin D. obtaining adequate levels of certain nutrients is likely to cause a deficiency Health risk.

is worth noting that whether you’re limiting calories to lose weight or maintaining your best health, some drinking water contains more sugar than women’s recommended 6 teaspoons a day (men’s 9 teaspoons). If you like flavored water or the taste of this product, you’d better look at the label and buy some There are brands that add useless calories, not just by the name of the product.

at the same time, you also need to carefully read the instructions on the products. These drinks are not usually a substitute for healthy soda water, nor are they good fruit substitutes. Although these drinks have good fruit names, most products only contain 1% fruit juice (if any). When you buy a drink for your child, you need to pay attention to the above suggestions. A study of about 1000 parents found that almost all parents gave their children fortified water drinks, and they didn’t realize the sugar content in these drinks, but only relied on the instructions on the package to make the purchase decision. The above content of

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