potato, also known as potato, yam egg, potato, potato, etc., is an annual herb of Solanaceae. Its tuber can be used for food, which can be used for cooking and food. Therefore, potato is a food and vegetable crop. Potatoes are known as “second bread” and “underground apple”.

Compared with cereals,

is rich in starch (its content can be as high as 17%), digestion and absorption is fast; it contains protein (2%), and is rich in lysine, and its absorption and utilization rate is better than that of cereal protein. It is a good way to improve the nutritional value of cereal protein when mixed with cereals lacking lysine; potato has low fat content, only about 0.2%, which is all hunger food Beyond the reach of things. Therefore, potatoes are low-energy food. So some people say that if you can keep eating a certain amount of potatoes every day, you can reduce your fat intake. Potatoes are considered to be a good diet food, and some European and American countries have emerged a number of potato based dietotherapy restaurants to meet the daily needs of healthy beauty dieters.

In addition to the content characteristics of the three major thermogenic nutrients,

potatoes also contain a variety of vitamins (such as vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.), especially rich in B vitamins, which is conducive to cardiovascular; inorganic salts (such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, etc.) are especially rich in potassium salt, which is contained in every 100 grams of potatoes Potassium is as high as 300 mg or more. Potassium salt has the effect of prevention and treatment of hypertension and heart disease. Experts believe that potatoes have many health benefits. If you can eat 1 medium-sized potatoes (about 130 grams) a day, the incidence rate of stroke will be reduced by 40%.


in traditional Chinese medicine hold that potatoes are smooth in nature and sweet in taste, and have the effects of harmonizing the stomach, tonifying qi and spleen, strengthening the body and kidney, eliminating inflammation, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, and can assist in the treatment of dyspepsia, habitual constipation, fatigue, chronic stomachache, joint pain, skin eczema, etc.


potatoes have adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with dyspepsia, and are high-quality health food for patients with stomach diseases and cardiovascular diseases. There are many ways to eat


potatoes: boiled, steamed, fried, roast, fried (potato chips, chips), stuffing, salad, etc.

① steamed potatoes can replace part of the staple food, and it is better to eat them by steaming; for diabetic patients, potatoes can be used to replace part of the staple food, but not more. Mainly because the potato contains starch digestion and absorption fast, can cause blood sugar reaction is bigger, so can not eat more. (2) fried potato chips and chips should be eaten less: because potatoes are rich in starch, starch foods produce acrylamide when the cooking temperature is higher than 120 ℃. For example, the content of acrylamide in French fries and chips is higher, and it is 4 times higher than that of cereal fried food. The results of animal experiments showed that acrylamide was a possible carcinogen. Other harmful substances may be produced during frying, which may be potentially harmful if exposed to low dose for a long time. In addition, fried food is high in energy and can also bring health hazards.

③ potatoes cut into small pieces, steamed and made of tomato sauce salad, with some beans can become diet food.


* potatoes should be peeled to eat, potatoes with bud eyes should be dug out to avoid solanine poisoning. Also be careful of green potato poisoning.

* potatoes are easy to change color after being cut. This is because the phenolic substances contained in potatoes are oxidized and browning under the action of oxygen in the air. It is a normal phenomenon and will not cause harm, but affect the color of food. In order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the cut potato can be put into the salt water for a moment (to prevent the loss of water-soluble substances), which can prevent discoloration. Because potatoes are rich in starch, they are easy to gelatinize when heated, especially when stir fried. Therefore, many people like to soak potatoes in water to remove more starch for cooking, but this will make water-soluble ingredients lose, so we should pay more attention to it.

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