How to wash the

hairtail? It is silver gray, light gray in dorsal fin and pectoral fin, with very small spots. The tail is black. The head of the hairtail is sharp and the mouth is big, and the tail becomes thin gradually. How to wash



method 1:

hairtail scales and the fish body stick firmly, rubbing with hands is not easy to clean, scraping with a knife is very time-consuming. If the hairtail is put into 80 degrees of water, scalded for 10 seconds, immediately immersed in cold water, and then use a brush or cloth to scrub, the fish scale will be quickly removed. However, it is recommended that you add some salt and ginger when cleaning, so that the fish will not be affected by foreign substances.

hairtail has a strong fishy smell and greasy, which is difficult to clean with clean water. You can soak hairtail in alkaline water first, and then wash it with water, which will be easy to clean and has no fishy smell.

method 2:

1. Cut a small ball of steel wire used for washing dishes (this family generally has them). Cut off a small ball (cut as much as you use, and throw it away when you use it).

how to wash hairtail clean? Several washing methods are recommended:

. 2. After thawing hairtail in a water basin, wipe it with steel ball from head to end, and soon the white phosphorus will fall off.

3, then the hairtail head to viscera, cut and wash clean.

method 3:

1. Prepare two pots, a basin of hot water (about 80 degrees), a basin of cold water. First put the hairtail in hot water, soak it for 45 seconds, then quickly remove it and put it into cold water.

3. You will find that a large part of the scales have fallen off themselves. Then rub it gently with your hands, and the remaining scales will be cleaned.



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