When eating strawberries,

should pay attention to the correct washing method of strawberries. When washing strawberries, be careful not to take off the strawberries, so as to prevent pesticides and pollutants from seeping into the fruits through “wounds” in the soaking process, which will cause more serious pollution. Secondly, don’t soak strawberries with detergent such as detergent, these substances are difficult to clean.

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how to wash and eat strawberries is safe.

1. Wash the strawberries with running water for a few minutes, which can remove most of the bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants on the surface of strawberries. It should be noted that do not soak in water first, so as not to dissolve pesticides in water and then be absorbed by strawberries and penetrate into the fruit. Do not eat the washed strawberries immediately. It is better to soak the strawberries in light salt water or rice washing water for 5 minutes (the light salt water can kill the residual harmful microorganisms on the surface of strawberries; the rice washing water is alkaline and can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides). 3. Wash the rice washing water, salt water and the remaining harmful substances with flowing tap water. Rinse with purified water (or cold boiled water) once, and then serve.


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