pig’s hoof and yam are very common ingredients in our life, through a variety of ways to make people eat delicious dishes, of course, pig’s feet and yam can also be made together, known as yam stewed pig’s feet, which has a lot of benefits to our health, of course, the practice is not very complex, so how to do Chinese yam stewed pig’s feet?

how to make

In fact,

is a very simple way to stew pig’s feet with Chinese yam. First, cut the pig’s hooves into pieces and clean them. Cut the skin of yam and cut them into sections. Soak the red dates in water for a while. Cut the ginger into slices and cut the chives into pieces. Put the pig’s feet in hot water, blanch the smell and excess grease, and then put them into cold water After that, put a proper amount of water into the casserole. Pay attention to adding enough water at one time. Put the treated pig’s hooves in, and put ginger and red dates in it. Then boil it over high heat. After boiling, turn it to medium heat and continue to cook for 30 minutes. Finally, put salt and yam into the pot and continue to cook for 30 minutes. Sprinkle appropriate amount of water when drinking Chives will do. What is the function of


in stewing pig’s hoof with yam

moderate to eat some yam stewed pig’s hoof has a very good tonic effect and kidney essence, and pig’s hoof contains a lot of protein, when stewed with water can be combined, and finally turned into a good nutrient for the skin, better promote skin beauty, and has a good blood tonic effect, for anemia symptoms can be alleviated In addition, the nutritional value of yam is not to be underestimated, with the role of Tonifying the kidney and replenishing qi.

yam stewed pig’s feet how to do? As yam and pig’s feet have high nutritional value, if these two kinds of food materials are stewed together, it will be more beneficial to our health, and the effect will be better. Therefore, we pay more and more attention to the practice of stewing pig’s feet with yam. In the above detailed introduction, I hope it can help you.

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