How to soak

mushroom and agaric? Before cooking, dry agaric and dried mushroom need to be soaked in advance, especially Auricularia auricula, which needs to leave a relatively long rising time. When cooking, sometimes I forget this stubble by accident, but the dishes have to be used again. Alas, it really makes the cook’s feet jump!

mushroom fungus how to bubble?

material: a small half bowl of northeast black fungus (about 30g)

can quickly soak Auricularia auricula, only two things need to be prepared:

1, a sealed fresh-keeping box

2. A cup of hot water, the water temperature should not be very high, with the finger rub test water feel not hot

Auricularia auricula foaming process:

1. Pour dry Auricularia auricula into the fresh-keeping box


2. Add warm water


. 3. Add water according to the immersion of Auricularia auricula. (Note: the amount of water should not be too full, leaving 1 / 5-2 / 5 space in the fresh-keeping box for Auricularia auricula to grow)

4. Cover the fresh-keeping box and close the sealing valve


5. Start timing, and the mobile phone displays: 16:30

6. Hold the fresh-keeping box with one hand or both hands, up and down, left and right, positive and negative. In a word, regardless of posture and action, we should strive to keep shaking the fresh-keeping box at a high frequency, increase the contact friction between black fungus in the box and warm water, and molecular movement makes Auricularia rapidly absorb water and expand The black wood ear is small in shape, so 3 minutes is enough. If the flower shape is large, it should be extended for 1-2 minutes.



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