fruit and vegetable juice drink is the perfect match for many people’s breakfast, which is both convenient and good taste. However, some experts say that eating fruits and vegetables is to absorb its minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. In the process of making juice, many vitamins, especially vitamin C, will be quickly oxidized, and anthocyanins will be destroyed. Moreover, many people only drink juice in order to pursue comfortable taste, and the fruit and vegetable residue often falls off, which is equivalent to throwing away the dietary fiber.


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if they prefer to drink fruit and vegetable juice, how to reduce the nutrition loss by squeezing juice?


many people do not know that in the commercial production of fruit and vegetable juice, it is often necessary to blanch the fruits and vegetables. In other words, the fruits and vegetables need to be slightly scalded in boiling water to “kill” those oxidases, and let the tissue a little bit Microsoft, and then squeeze the juice. In this way, not only make the loss of vitamins smaller, increase the juice yield, but also make juice color bright, not easy to browning. Especially those vegetables without sour taste, such as carrots, green vegetables, celery, fresh sweet corn, must be blanched before juicing. In addition, you can add sour fruits like lemon to make up for the damaged vitamin C.

recommend several simple, convenient and nutritious fruit and vegetable juice:

1. Orange + carrot: carrots and oranges contain a large number of vitamins, carrots also contain carotene, which will become vitamin A to prevent night blindness after intestinal decomposition. The combination of the two can beautify and beautify the skin and smooth the skin.

2. Sydney + Cucumber: both Sydney and cucumber are fruits and vegetables with high water content, and both have the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire. The sweet Sydney and the fresh cucumber are very suitable for drinking in summer. Papaya + honey + orange juice: Papaya contains protein decomposing enzyme, which can help protein and starch to decompose. Honey has the effect of moistening intestines. Orange juice contains vitamin C and plant fiber. The three combinations can promote gastrointestinal activities, moisten intestines and relieve constipation, and other gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms. Milk + Banana + papaya: milk plus papaya is a classic combination, banana has high sugar content and less water, and banana juice will send out a strong sweet fragrance. Watermelon + lemon: the water content of watermelon is large, and it also contains diuretic components such as citrulline and arginine. Besides a lot of vitamins, lemon also has the effect of soothing stagnation and invigorating the stomach. The combination of the two can remove edema and relieve heat. Apple + cabbage + honey: cabbage is rich in vitamin C, calcium and carotene. Apple eating more apples can improve the respiratory system and lung function, and protect the lung from the influence of dust and smoke in the air. The combination of the two can soften blood vessels and prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and constipation. Grapefruit + grapefruit: grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients, which can reduce blood sugar, blood fat, lose weight, beautify the skin and nourish the body. Studies have found that grape can better prevent thrombosis than aspirin, and can reduce the level of serum cholesterol, reduce the cohesion of platelets, and has a certain role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

note: fruit juice can not replace fruit, after juicing, part of the residue will be filtered out, these residues are plant fiber, long-term use of fruit juice instead of fruit will lead to reduced intake of plant fiber, causing constipation.

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