now people attach great importance to diet, and are also more and more pursuit of perfection. In addition to the requirement to eat sweet and delicious food, but also hope to eat nourishing food, such as nourishing nutrition soup porridge, which has a lot of benefits to our body, and the practice is very simple, so how to do nutrition soup porridge? How to make

nutritious soup porridge

has many nutritious soup porridge in our life, such as baigua seafood, which is suitable for Chinese and dinner. It mainly uses shrimp, papaya, jujube, lily, American ginseng, salmon, crab meat, white granulated sugar, rice wine, vegetable oil, garlic and green onion. First, clean each slice of lily, and then rinse the Western ginseng dates, and then add two cups of water to use Boil it over a low heat until about half a cup of soup is left. Take care to remove the dregs and keep the juice. Then clean the fillets, crabs and shrimps and drain them. Add some rice wine and salt to marinate for about 15 minutes. After the papaya is cleaned, remove the skin and seeds, and cut into diamond shaped blocks for standby. Add the right amount of oil in the pot and cook it for 50%. When it is hot, put the crab meat, shrimp and fish fillets into the oil. Remove them and drain the oil. Leave 30 grams of oil in the pot to heat. Add garlic, ginger and scallion to stir fry. Finally, add the ingredients, papaya, Lily and medicine soup, and mix with sugar and salt It’s OK to thicken the sauce.

should pay attention to in the production process, need to prepare about 500 grams of vegetable oil, can improve our body’s immunity, for cold or weak patients are more suitable, in addition, there is a very good effect of reducing weight and breast. How to make


nutritious soup porridge? Everyone is very concerned about nutrition soup porridge, mainly because it has too many benefits for our body. Different nutritious porridge has different methods, of course, the role and effect are also different. In the above content, we introduced baigua seafood, hoping to help you.

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