Luffa is what

Luffa is Cucurbitaceae climbing herbs, Luffa root is strong. Stem tendril, green, five rowed, main vine and side vine grow luxuriantly, stem node has branch tendril, easy to grow adventitious roots.


are distributed and cultivated at home and abroad. The fruit is a summer vegetable, which contains a high variety of nutrients in melon food. It contains saponins, Luffa bitter taste, mucus, Xylin, citrulline, xylan and interferon, which have a certain special role. When mature, the reticular fiber inside is called Luffa Luo, which can replace sponge and be used for washing kitchen utensils and furniture; it can also be used for medicine, with the effects of cooling, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, unblocking menstruation and detoxification.

Luffa is one of the vegetables we often eat in our daily life. It is also the main green vegetable in summer. It is also rich in nutrition and rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C and B. In addition, protein, carbohydrate content is also more, for women’s beauty and beauty and internal and external conditioning is also very good. So we usually eat Luffa is good for the body, so how to cook Luffa delicious?

Luffa cooking skills

1, mushrooms, buy the kind of new picked, a small one is particularly fresh and tender, taste and taste the best.

2, meat, with a small fire to dry stir out the fat, the lean meat also fried into a slight yellow, so that the dishes will be particularly fragrant. After washing the mushrooms, make sure to squeeze out the water before putting them into the pot, so that the mushrooms can absorb the fresh flavor in the soup.

4. Luffa and Lentinus edodes should be stir fried until they turn soft, and then add hot water. Do not add too much water, because loofah and Lentinus edodes will also drip water.

5, Luffa sweet, mushroom fragrance, do not use too heavy seasoning, so as not to grab the flavor.


seafood sponge gourd soup

ingredients: 1 sponge gourd, 1 bowl of shrimp.

seasoning: salt, onion, soup, water.

seafood sponge gourd soup:

1, Luffa peel with a skin scraper.






4. Heat the pan, pour the oil, add the green onion and saute until fragrant. Add towel gourd and shrimp, stir fry.

7, put it into the soup pot, put a thick soup treasure. Boil for 15 minutes and add a little salt to taste.




selection of Luffa

the most important thing is to choose hard to buy, because fresh Luffa is always hard. Of course, to buy Luffa, you need to master other standards: for example, symmetrical melon, complete white fur, which means that the melon is tender and fresh; don’t buy big belly melon, which has more seeds; hook shaped melon is difficult to peel, even if it is cheap. In this way, we can eat fresh Luffa.

what are the benefits of eating Luffa? When


Luffa are ripe, a layer of reticular fiber will be formed in the flesh of Luffa, which can be used to wash cooking utensils and furniture after extraction. Luffa can also be used for medicine, which has the effects of cooling, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, unblocking menstruation and detoxification. The juice spilled from the broken Luffa vine is called as relieving cough, eliminating phlegm, anti allergy, beauty and other effects in traditional Chinese medicine. How to make Luffa delicious


can protect skin, eliminate plaque and prevent skin aging. It is a rare beauty product for delicate skin. The juice of Luffa vine and stem has the special function of keeping skin elastic. Can beauty wrinkle, so Luffa has “beauty water” said.


are beneficial to the brain development of children and the brain health of middle-aged and elderly people, and Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus.


have the functions of relieving cough, resolving phlegm, cooling blood and detoxification. External use can stop bleeding and inflammation, women eat more to help regulate menstruation.

and towel gourd suitable food material collocation

1, chicken, duck, pork: Luffa with chicken, duck, pork can play a heat clearing and intestinal effect, help to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, to alleviate constipation has a certain advantage.

2. Eggs: luffa and eggs can play the role of clearing heat and detoxification, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing blood and activating milk. Luffa fried eggs, Luffa egg soup and other dishes are very suitable for maternal and lactating mothers to eat. How to make Luffa delicious

3. Silver carp: luffa and silver carp can play a role in strengthening the spleen, tonifying the middle and promoting the milk secretion.

4. Shrimp: luffa and shrimp can play a role in moistening the lung, tonifying the kidney and beautifying the skin.

5. Maodou: luffa and Maodou can play the role of clearing heat and expectoration, defecation and lower milk. Mothers who are inflamed in lactation can eat more loofah beans, which can effectively relieve constipation and other symptoms.

6. Chrysanthemum: luffa and chrysanthemum can play a role in clearing heat, nourishing the face and moistening the skin, helping to remove freckles and skin care after childbirth. The above content of

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