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Step by step guide on how to make more money at any age

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Here is a step by step guide on how to make more money fast at any age. This will regardless if you’re looking for how to make money online, how to negotiate a higher salary, and how to invest it.

If you are between the ages 10 – 17, realize that when it comes to making money – the luckiest people in this world, besides the people that are born into money, are those that discover what they love to do EARLY in life. Most people will spend A third to half of their entire lifetimes searching for the thing that will make them money that will make them happiest.

At THIS point in your life, if you can realize this ONE simple truth – it will make you richer faster than anyone in the world. LIFE – is not about picking something you love and doing it forever and making lots of money. Instead, it’s about finding a career that will make you the most money, that you can get the quickest, that you can live with the most.

Phase 2 – The next phase of your life – is between ages 18 to 24, you are most likely in college now. Set yourself up to become a millionaire in retirement by creating an IRA account, Roth IRA or Traditional IRA. Second thing you NEED to to do is AVOID DEBT.

Side: Phase 3 between ages of 25-30 is most likely when you get your FIRST career job. Hopefully it’s something that pays you at MINIMUM, 40 – 50k per year. Make sure to start strong. This is one of the most important times to be negotiation with the person hiring you. If you start too low, it will take you YAERS just to catch up to someone who spent an hour asking for more. This is what happened to me.

Phase 4 is between ages 31 – to 54. This phase, is probably the most important phase. It’s important because this is where you can make up for all the lost time and all the poor decisions you might have made in life. And the way we do that is 2 WAYS. You use either one or BOTH for more effect. Negotiating, and job hopping to make more money.

My favorite way to make more money out of these two methods is job hopping which is where you switch jobs or positions every few years. That’s the best way how to make a higher income

While you’re earning this money, guess what you need to do? Be living below your means, saving your money and investing the difference. I do dividend investing and I create passive income though bluechip dividend stocks with my portfolio, which has taken a beating lately, and I love it, because I get t buy MORE stocks at cheaper prices that pay me even MORE money.

If you can make your decisions based on this thought process, you can fast track yourself to make more money and be “rich” by the time you’re in your mid 20s or early 30s. That’s not a joke. In fact there’s a group of people that have done just that, the FIRE community. By taking all of this advice into consideration, there are now people that are 25 years old that no longer have a job because they lived below their means, they invested their savings and thy live passively off their investments


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