Nowadays, more and more patients with gout and hyperuricemia are suffering from

. Studies have found that hyperuricemia represents metabolic disorders of the body even if it does not develop into severe gout. Hyperuricemia is closely related to diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, we should not take it lightly. In addition to genetic factors, the vast majority of patients with


gout have bad eating habits. A study involving nearly 30000 regular bodybuilders found that eating habits can affect the risk of gout:

. 1. Drinking 10 grams of alcohol, the risk of gout increased by 19%. On average, drinking more than 15 grams of alcohol per day, even if the distance of running is exactly the same, the risk of gout is twice that of non drinkers; for the same 10 grams of alcohol, red wine increases the risk by 27%, while beer increases by 19%. The risk of gout increased by 45%. Considering that people with higher body weight tend to eat meat, the researchers also compared the amount of meat eaten by people of the same weight, and found that eating more red meat increased the risk of gout by 45%. Eating one more fruit a day reduced the risk of gout by 27%. This benefit is not affected by weight differences. The researchers believe that it is not so much fruit that has a preventive effect on gout than that people who eat fruit regularly have stronger health awareness and better living habits. What’s more, people with high fruit intake usually have higher dairy intake, and dairy products are also good for preventing gout.

after reading these research conclusions, we will know how to prevent gout. Reduce the intake of red meat. Red meat refers to meat that is red before cooking, such as pork, beef and mutton. It has been found that many gout patients have the habit of eating a lot of red meat. In addition, meat should not be eaten in acute gout attack period. In remission stage or hyperuricemia state, the daily average intake of red meat should be controlled within 50g, and animal viscera should not be eaten. Reduce the intake of seafood. Long term consumption of seafood is also a recognized risk factor for gout. Due to the relatively low calorie of seafood, some patients may not have obvious obesity, but the uric acid level is high. 3. Reduce fat intake. Fat itself can block the excretion of uric acid by the kidney, and high-fat foods can lead to obesity and metabolic disorders, increasing the risk of ventilation. Adjust the staple food. Do not eat “pure white + oil” staple food combination (such as onion oil cake), moderate increase the proportion of coarse grains, potatoes. ▲

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