blueberry has delicate flesh, unique flavor, moderate acidity and sweetness, and pleasant aroma. Therefore, many people like the taste of blueberry, and often use it in the production of yoghurt, biscuit and bread. It is not only rich in conventional nutrients, but also rich in flavonoids and polysaccharides, so it is also known as “Queen” and “Queen”“ The king of berries.


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blueberry is sour and sweet, beauty and anti-cancer. The color of


blueberry determines that it contains a large number of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a very important plant water-soluble pigment, which belongs to natural anti-aging nutritional supplement, and is the most effective antioxidant bioactive agent found by human. The anthocyanin content in blueberry is very high, and the anthocyanin types are also very rich. The research found that there are as many as 15 kinds of anthocyanins in high bush blueberry fruit. Although the content of anthocyanins in different varieties of blueberry is not the same, the general content is relatively high. That’s why blueberries are the hallmark of anti-aging.


and the organic acids contained in blueberries are the right tools for blueberries as anti-cancer experts. The content of organic acids in blueberry accounts for more than half of the total acid content. Most of organic acids are citric acid, others are ursolic acid, quinic acid and malic acid. Ursolic acid, also known as ursolic acid, belongs to a kind of weak acid pentacyclic triterpenoids. It is the functional component of many natural products and has extensive biological activities, especially in anti-tumor. For


, the blueberry with white fog is better. The average fruit weight of


blueberry is 0.5-2.5g, and the maximum weight is 5g. Therefore, the natural blueberry is not very big, and it should be noted that the bigger the blueberry is, the better it is. The fruit should be plump, round, even in size and firm. The fruit should be tight and full, with smooth skin and dry feel, usually without leaves and stems. If the fruit is dark blue purple and has white fog, it is better for blueberry. The skin color is a sign to measure whether the blueberry is mature. The ripe blueberry should be between dark purple and blue black. Red blueberries are often not ripe, but can be used in dishes. Blueberries can be stored in the refrigerator, but the container must be dry. Store the unwashed blueberries in a hard container with a lid to avoid collision and mildew. Fresh blueberries should be placed in the refrigerator and cleaned before eating. Fresh blueberries should be consumed within 10 days after purchase.

let’s see how to make blueberry jam!

ingredients: 500 grams of blueberries, 250 grams of rock sugar


1. Clean the blueberries with water, pay attention not to rub hard, do not break the skin;

2. Put blueberries and rock sugar together in the pot, turn low heat to slowly stir, let the rock sugar slowly boil;


3. Cook slowly over low heat, skim off the froth in the middle, boil until the jam is sticky to the setting point, seal it in a clean container and eat it. Keep it in the refrigerator for better taste.

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