fruit juice and vegetable juice are very popular both in summer and winter. They are convenient to drink and have a sweet taste. However, relevant experts point out that drinking fruit and vegetable juice will actually lose a lot of nutrients. During the mixing process of fruits and vegetables, a large amount of vitamin C is oxidized. Finally, what we drink only contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, many experts are calling for the best direct consumption of fruits and vegetables, let’s learn about it!


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summer fruits are mostly cold fruits. Eating too much will aggravate the body cold, so how to eat more healthy? Japanese experts have recommended dried fruit regimen for us. Let’s learn from it!

1. Kiwi fruit

kiwifruit contains a large number of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, which are considered to be beneficial to skin beauty. How can these three vitamins help to play a high-quality antioxidant effect and achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin and preventing diseases. In addition, proteinase, which decomposes protein, is also beneficial to prevent intestinal dysfunction and maintain intestinal function.


2. Eating dried mango

before and after physiological period

because dried mango contains iron to prevent iron deficiency anemia, eating before or during the physiological period helps to supplement the iron lost due to menstrual blood loss, and women’s appetite is often increased during the physiological period. Taking dried mango as a snack can not only absorb nutrients, but also prevent excessive energy intake. The dietary fiber in dried mango also helps to prevent constipation during physiological period.


3. Recovering fatigue and eating dried apricot

when you feel tired, it’s a very good choice to eat dried apricot which is rich in citric acid and malic acid, because it is easy to transform the energy stored in the body efficiently, so that you are always full of motivation. Especially in hot summer days, many people will feel that there is no appetite, and the sour dried apricot is more likely to promote appetite and let you spend the bitter summer.

4. Eating dried raspberry

dried raspberry contains a polyphenol ellagic acid, which can inhibit the formation of melanin, wrinkles and freckles tyrosinase. Therefore, eating some dried raspberry can help prevent wrinkles and freckles. Women who want beauty may as well eat some dried raspberries occasionally.


should be noted that the content of fructose in dried fruit is higher than that in general fruits, and the dry fruit volume is small, so it is easy to eat too much dried fruit unconsciously, resulting in excessive energy intake. Therefore, in the intake of dried fruit, especially pay attention to the intake can not be too much, in order to avoid self defeating.

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