has a lot of drinks on the Internet. Lemon honey water is one of them. If we drink some lemon honey water properly, it will do a lot of good for our health. Therefore, we will be loved and concerned by everyone, and we will be more curious about its practice. How can we do it? How to make


in the lemon honey syrup, the first thing to clean the lemon, many female friends will ignore this link, but do not know that cleaning lemon is very important, can carry on the good removal of fruit wax, the more bright the lemon surface looks, the more careful cleaning, if not, then do lemon honey water After that, it will be fruit wax lemon honey water. The cleaning method is very simple. Rub the appropriate amount of salt on the surface of lemon for two to three minutes. After that, put the washed lemon into the prepared water. After cleaning, wipe the lemon with a cloth.

next, cut the lemon into slices, remove the stalk and cut into thin and uniform thin slices, and wipe the knife surface with the lemon stalk, which can effectively remove the odor. After that is the mixture of lemon and honey, pay attention to the use of dry bottles, do not have any water, first in the bottom of the bottle into a small amount of honey, shake, so that the bottom of the bottle of honey, use the largest lemon slices on the top of the bottom of the bottle of honey, and then put the lemon slices on top of the honey, so that the cycle can be. You can do the test of whether you can continue to add. After filling the lemon slices, press down with the spoon. If there is room, put the lemon again. Finally, tighten the lid and put it in the refrigerator for storage.

lemon honey how to do? The practice of lemon honey water is very simple, but we must pay attention to some details. There are some details that will have a great impact on the efficacy and function of lemon honey water. Therefore, we should pay attention to the details and can not ignore them. The above has a detailed introduction of relevant contents, hoping to help you.

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