How to cook

red bean and job’s tears quickly?

eating red bean Coix rice porridge is easy to remove dampness, but it is also not easy to do. How to cook red bean and barley porridge quickly? There are several ways.

method 1: anhydrous freezing method rotted quickly. Put job’s tears and red beans into plastic bags and put them into the refrigerator freezer for a week. Take it out and cook it when you need it. It’s easy to rot.


method 2: soak job’s tears and red beans one night in advance, and then boil them in a pressure cooker for about half an hour. The third method of


is to add more water to Coix and adzuki beans. When the water is boiled, turn off the fire and simmer for half an hour; then open fire and boil, and then simmer for half an hour, and then you can eat it.


method 4: prepare a thermos flask with electricity saving method, put job’s tears and red beans in it, fill it with boiling water, plug the bottle cap, and stew overnight, and then you can open it the next morning.

red bean job’s tears how to quickly cook job’s tears and what to cook porridge with the best

method 5: take water freezing method to cook job’s tears rotten quickly. Wash the job’s tears with water first, and then soak it for a while, so that the water can enter into the inside of the job’s tears better. Then take out the job’s tears, drain the excess water, put the wet job’s tears in a plastic bag, put it in the refrigerator’s freezer until it freezes. This kind of job’s tears is easier to boil.


method 6: simply and quickly put all the materials into the pressure cooker, directly adjust to the bean stall, generally boil about 45 minutes, then all beans can be boiled soft.

and what is the best porridge?


and common porridge ingredients can be matched, mung bean, lily, yam. They can be matched.

mung bean Lily Coix rice porridge


mung bean, lily, job’s tears, rock sugar a little


1, mung bean and job’s tears are washed together and soaked for one night. Lily should be soaked in water. Put it into the pot. Bring to a boil over high heat and boil for half an hour. Add Lily and rock sugar. Just keep cooking for 20 minutes.

red bean Coix congee


a large number of job’s tears, red beans, rock sugar appropriate amount of


1. Mix job’s tears and red beans together, (the amount can be increased or decreased according to the population of your family.)

2. Put it in the rice washing machine and clean it. Add it to the electric rice cooker, add cold water, soak for 6-8 hours, heat in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Put in the rock sugar, turn on the porridge button of the electric rice cooker, and wait for the whistle, red bean and barley porridge.



Coix rice 70g, purple potato 100g, sweet potato 100g, yam 100g, rice 80g


1, prepare food materials. Yam, sweet potato, purple potato, peeled and cut into pieces.

2, rice, job’s tears, wash clean. Add yam, purple potato and sweet potato. Add water according to the consistency you like.

4. Put it into the rice cooker. If there is a “congee” button, select it directly. If not, you can choose one and a half hours to two hours.

5. After cooking, put it into a bowl for consumption.

dangshen Huangqi Yimi congee


rice 100g, dangshen 15g, Huangqi 15g, fried Coix rice 60g, fried lentils 15g, jujube two


1. Add fried Coix and lentils red dates, add Dangshen and Huangqi. 2. Clean rice, add about 1000ml water, according to the health program. For about an hour, stir the mixture in the last 15 minutes to avoid paste.

what are the benefits of eating job’s tears?

1. Job’s tears contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can promote metabolism and reduce gastrointestinal burden, and can be used as tonic food for patients with weak body during or after the disease;

2. Regular consumption of Coix seed food also has effect on chronic enteritis, dyspepsia and other diseases.

3. It has been proved by modern pharmacological research that Coix jobI has the effect of preventing cancer, and its anti-cancer active ingredients include selenium, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and can be used in the adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer

red bean job’s tears how to quickly cook job’s tears and what to cook porridge with best

4. Healthy people often eat job’s tears, can make the body light and agile, reduce the incidence of cancer;

5, job’s tears contains a certain amount of vitamin E, is a kind of beauty food, often eat can keep human skin luster and delicate, eliminate acne, color spots, improve skin color, and it has a certain therapeutic effect on Verruca caused by virus infection;

6, job’s tears contains rich vitamin B, which is very beneficial to the prevention and treatment of beriberiberi. The above content of

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