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is another strawberry season, not only can you see everywhere in the market, how to clean strawberries to eat happily and safely? In order to avoid the contamination of “spkds” and “spkds” in the process of “spkds” and “spkds”, do not wash the “spkds” and “spkds” in the process of “washing” and “spkds”. In addition, do not soak strawberries with detergent such as detergent. These substances are difficult to clean and easy to remain in the fruit, causing secondary pollution.

2. Rinse


with running water for a few minutes, which can remove most of the bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants on the surface of strawberry. It should be noted that the strawberries should not be peeled off or soaked in water first, so as to avoid the pesticide dissolving out in the water and then absorbed by the strawberry and infiltrating into the fruit.

3. Soak

in light salt water or rice washing water. Do not eat strawberries washed clean. It is better to soak them in light salt water or rice washing water for 5 minutes; then rinse the rice washing water and light salt water and the remaining harmful substances with flowing tap water. Rinse with clean water (or cold water).


salt water can kill the residual harmful microorganisms on Strawberry surface. The rice washing water is alkaline and can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides. In addition, when cleaning strawberries, add a few drops of white vinegar in water, and gently rub the surface of strawberries to remove most of the preservatives.


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