watermelon can produce fluid to quench thirst, relieve heat in addition to irritability, summer is the most suitable to eat watermelon, not only can relieve heat, but also supplement water, but the king of summer melons and fruits! How to choose watermelon in summer? What’s a great way to choose a watermelon? Let’s follow Xiaobian and have a look!

a look: to identify the skin color of melon and melon stalk, melon navel. All melons are regular in shape, with clear lines and deep light, while black melons are dark and glossy. The stem and navel of melon should be closed tightly and slightly retracted. The stem should be close to the rind, and the stem should be thick and green near the stem, which is a sign of maturity. Two ears of


: identify the sound of watermelon. The sound of “hand melon” is “ripe” and “thump” or “thump”.


: feel the weight of watermelon. The same size, the higher the maturity of watermelon, the lighter the weight. Because the water content of raw melon is more, the body weight is heavier; the weight of mature melon is lighter than that of raw melon because of its crisp flesh and loose tissue. Besides, the melon skin is too soft to be eaten. Some people think that if the bottom of the melon is yellow, it must be a ripe melon. In fact, sometimes when planting, because the bottom of the melon does not see light, so it may be in the third or fourth ripe time, already yellow, so don’t fall into the misunderstanding that the bottom yellow is ripe melon.

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