is the season of pineapple fragrance. Pineapple not only contains all kinds of vitamins needed by human body, but also a variety of natural minerals, which can relieve greasy, help digestion, quench thirst and relieve vexation. How can


pick pineapples? 1. Press first. Gently press pineapple scales, Microsoft is elastic and suitable, eat right away, too hard is not ripe; if you can squeeze out juice, it is cooked rotten, it is best not to buy. 2. Look at the leaves. The leaves of ripe pineapple are usually cyan brown, and the scales are orange, which means that the pineapple is about nine times ripe, so you should eat it immediately when you buy it. If you like to taste sweet, you’d better choose the one with yellow shell, no “Scar” and green leaves. This kind of pineapple is more fragrant and sweet. 3. Smell the fragrance. Ripe pineapple can smell a light fragrance from the skin, and it is more fragrant after being cut. If the pineapple has not been cut, it means it has been cooked. In addition, when selecting, we should also look at the bottom of pineapple. The yellow color is black, and the ones with no trace and mildew are relatively fresh. Of course, it is better not to exceed 3 Jin in size.

however, pineapple contains “bromelain” is the substance causing allergic reactions, light will stimulate the oral mucosa, make the mouth numb, itchy and even red and swollen, and even appear diarrhea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms. Therefore, cut pineapple with salt water or boiling water bubble, can destroy bromelain, clear this allergic substance. But the soaking time should not be too long, half an hour is the best. In addition, pineapple solution greasy, pineapple and meat together cooking is a good choice, such as “pineapple beef” and so on, are of great benefit to the body. It should be noted that pineapple will hurt the stomach and intestines, so don’t eat more than half a day. ▲

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